Friday, September 16, 2016


Hi lovelies,

this is Phyto ultra-gentle intelligent shampoo. It comes in a luxurious packaging and when I opened the lid, the scent is amazingly beautiful.

It was delicate, soft and reminds me a lot of shampoo that was made with wheat. And apparently, on the ingredients, there is oat. Why is it important? Oat is famous for hydrating and conditioning the hair and the protein helps build the strength of the hair. Hence many good hair care products contain those ingredients.


The perfect shampoo to preserve the balance of the scalp. So delicate that you can use every day!
Shampoo after shampoo, PHYTOPROGENIUM strengthens the self-defense of the scalp. Many times you use it, the more the balance of the scalp is preserved, plus the hair is healthy and beautiful.

In its formulation an unpublished active, the Progénium acting intelligently on the ecosystem of the scalp: preserves its beneficial flora while reducing the presence of harmful germs. Its soothing agents and anti-oxidants make it an excellent daily shampoo.
  • Apply shampoo to wet hair.
  • Massage gently.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
You can use it on a daily basis or alternating with another shampoo according to your desires or needs.


So pretty much, it is a shampoo, but what makes it different is the fact that it contain ingredients that are actually good for the hair and scalp. Look closely on the image below, no silicone, no paraben, no sls, as in no known harmful ingredients or stuff that clogged the scalp and made the hair worst in the end. So, it's all good.

Shampoo is like our cleanser for the scalp and hair, most shampoo on the market only make the hair appear good and silky and smooth with tons of silicone that actually blocked the scalp. And ones might wondering why they get their scalp so oily and getting greasier and greasier and then, the worst thing happen. As the silicone clogged the scalp even worse, it made the hair unable to grow properly.

So avoid using silicone anywhere near the scalp, so silicone should never be in a shampoo.


The product can be used on daily basis, or like said on the details, use it with other shampoo on any other day based on the hair's need.

And after shampooing, as usual, use mask or conditioner that matches the hair without ever touching the scalp. Hair mask and conditioner is made for the hair, not the scalp, except scalp mask.


Thank you so much Phyto, see you again soon!!

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