Thursday, February 23, 2012

Here's Why You Should Drop By At Kiehl's

Hi beautiful people! Last weekend I went on Kiehl's in Plaza Senayan. As always, if I know they have a thing goin' on, I shall not missed it. The friendly environment thanks to the KCR's, and especially Miss Asia, I love her! She is so genuine and pretty.

She will recommend you the exact correct product for your skin and tell the truth which stuff she uses and which doesn't. Stuff that she highly recommend is the one that she truly believes in, Kudos! 

And while I'm in the store Kiehl's have package deal for you. Ms. Asia told me it's not necessary to spread about this since usually it would be gone in a jiffy ^___^ so if you happen to come to the store and it's all out, sorry folks, you're not fast enough!

Another two, just to tantalize your appetite.

I seriously want them all! Really @0@ googling eyes.

I'm not trying to be mean, but if you happen to rush to the store and they all gone, you might want to get their email alert and join their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter. So, next time you wont missed it anymore.

Now, while waiting for the doctor to arrived, Ms. Asia offer me a skin check with this cute papers by Kiehl's

Just press one on forehead and the other at my cheek

Match it up to the dots and nail it! My skin are normal to dry. Correcto! And yup, anyone can try it too ^_^ FOC

And then the customers start pouring in when the doctor is arrived. Questions and consultation is free here. Kiehl's do wants you to understand your skin better, not just buying everything in the rack, but get that perfect one.

The environment here is really comfortable. We can just hangout and chat around, some customers also shares their woes and wows to others. It's like a place for sharing, heehee, I saw movies of the good ol' days where pharmacy also sells ice soda, it's kinda like that now, without the soda of course.

Then it's time for me to go, not without getting myself a Cucumber Toner and took a pic with Mr. Bones here, fancy with a sunglasses.

Don't forget, come to Kiehl's Kelapa Gading on 25th of Feb 2012 for a skin consultation session of your own ^__^

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