Friday, February 3, 2012

Walking in Sephora to Get Some Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose In It

I went to Singapore some time ago, I guess I was clearly homesick. I just miss the freedom I have there. Being able to walk around and not being dependent to private vehicle, relying on the safety of the public transport and comfort in a whole lot more.

There's one place I have to keep checking them out. Well, aside from Watson, Guardian, and Sasa. Yes, it's Sephora. Available in Takashimaya and ION, any gal would feel like in a candy store. From big brands and ads to those you've known by heart.

From cosmetics, beauty products, skincare, toiletries to perfume. It's like they got it all for the pampering purpose. Sephora itself carry their own brand and you can try as well. Usually a trip here always took me hours and hours until I ran out of time.

Products not just divided by brands but sometime according to their function. The one on the right caught my eyes, those pink packaging with big words and like pin up looks. It was Soap & Glory. A brand that I recently learn and feels drawn into ^__^ UK and USA loved brand are available almost all worldwide thanks to Sephora.

I bought bunch of their stuffs and will do a review bits by bits. This one is the first of their clan. The Tosca paste feels a bit rough. I use it on my nose and oily zone only, avoiding my cheeks as they are dry and I just don't want to disturb them now.

Btw, here's some info from


Multitasking scrub and mask

RRP £7.40
 - 125ml
At last - a simple solution for large pores and clogging. Just Scrub Your Nose In It™ with this amazing face scrub. Our fruit-acid formula leaves skin looking bright and radiant.

Instructions for Use

Apply a pea-sized dollop onto a damp t-zone. (That’s your nose, chin, and forehead.) Massage gently in circular motions, then extend out to the less clogged places on your face. Rinse well and follow with moisturizer.

Actually there's so many other cleanser and scrub from them, somehow I choose this one since it says I can leave 'em on like a mask that helps the oily areas become well not oily anymore. Here's my experience:

As I was showering at the same time, I softly cleans my face first using my usual cleanser, then I scrub my nose with Scrub Your Nose In IT and it feels tingling a bit as it is minty and very refreshingly scented as well, hmm scented or from natural ingredients? I see Orange flower extract in the ingredients. I leave it on as prescribed on my sometime oily nose. It will dries up like a clay dries. But it was really comforting in a way -- . -- soothing and still soft for me. I am cranky about my scrubs and only the mild and high quality one do pass the test.

Scrub Your Nose In It? It pass with flying color. The scents is refreshingly lovely, the scrub does clean my nose well without drying it and over powering effect that cause sensitiveness, allergies nor irritation and it works! After using it as a mask as well my nose do have less oils, it works well on my forehead and chin as well. I'm liking it!


  1. how much is the scrub?

  2. Hi Anon,

    It is written at the post: £7.40 or around $20