Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Look for CandyLand Nite

Hello everyone ^__^ I know I rarely have time to do LOTD but this time I want to share something simple and get that effortless look. When I went to CandyLand Nite with Revlon, I have less than 30 minutes to do my makeup.

First you need a flawless skin, naaaah! Kidding! Imperfection is everywhere in everyone. But still a healthy skin is a good base for any make up. So never forget to take care of them with proper skin care.

After cleansing, toner, serum and moisturizer, I let them 'sit' for a while and absorbed. Then if you're home is as hot as mine or you are easily sweating, use some tissue, don't wipe, but like using a mask, press gently to then peel the tissue to absorb excess moisture, water and sweats.

It is always better to apply makeup on a skin that's feel dry to the touch or at least have even distribution of moisture to avoid blotch.

Oil paper also good in absorbing excess oil.

Then it's foundation time, I always opt to something light, this time I use The Body Shop Mineral Foundation and use their lovely brush. Brush that made all the differences in terms of easy application and smooth skin appearance.

Beside using the brush in circular motion you can also swipe the brush in the direction of your facial hair. Never forget those area hidden on the sides of the nose, they are tricky alright, so made sure the area is dry.

Then since the event is held by Revlon beside using their pencil for my brow, I use their powder as well, but instead of using the sponge, I use The Body Shop foundation brush. The result is far more even and soft.

Then my cheek are blushed thanks to The Body Shop blush in Rose and I use Tarte LipSurgence Lip Tint in Charmed. For the eye shadows L'Oreal do their part and I add some lashes using LashGrip in black for that extra kick.

A little tips for me, black long lashes can be boring sometime so I add some glitter by applying them with nail lacquer (blue and silver sparkles) wait until they are really dry before attaching them to your lashes, okay ^___^