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TALIKA Light Duo

TALIKA Light Duo is actually not a new item in the world, but it is in Indonesia. It consist of 2 different light therapy that benefit our skin with the simplest usage. Here's some information provided by

 Light DUO

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This revolutionary anti-ageing youth treatment uses a particular light wavelengh to treat 2 of the most visible effects of ageing, pollution and UV rays: skin loss of elasticity and skin coloration, more precisely wrinkles and dark spots.
It is effective on the face, eye contour, lips, hands, neck.

The TALIKA laboratories have designed this DUO, a portable device with each side emitting a distinct light wave:

- on one side, the light 590® reactivates collagen synthesis and elastin production.

- on the other side, the light 525® regulates the production of melanin, responsible for skin colouring

Thanks to the combined use of both these treatments, wrinkles are smoothed, brown spots are reduced and the skin looks fuller, lighter, more radiant and glowing: younger-looking.

How light works in anti-age treatments
Light is composed of particles that travel at 300,000 km/second, whilst vibrating at a variable frequency.
The low frequencies of these vibrations correspond to invisible waves (radio, satellite, etc.).
If the frequency increases it becomes detectable to our eyes and enters the realm of visible light (which is composed of a series of colours, from orange to violet).
Beyond a certain frequency, we talk of ultra-violet light, and if we increase it even further, we reach the field of very high energy: X rays and then gamma rays.

Light 590® and light 525®, caring light sources.
In the 1970s, NASA, thanks to its experience with space flight, revealed that the cell metabolism is reanimated by visible light. This property of animal cells to responded positively to light makes them similar to plant cells, which cannot without sunlight:
in the same way as during the plant photosynthesis process, light comes into contact with the cells and activates their metabolism. With the appearance of new light sources such as light 590® and light 525®: use the light rays corresponding to a spread of pure colours ranging from blue to red. These rays, with no heat source, emitted by diodes, activates the cells deep down and obtains spectacular results.

1.Light590® collagen booster:
The diodes emit a precise frequency (590 nm) in a controlled, pulsed manner to stimulate the fibroblasts which produce collagen.

Collagen and elastin are synthesized by fibroblasts. Pollution, age and UV rays damage the skin. The fibroblast shrink and lose their ability to produce collagen and elastin, which reduces the skin’s quality: the skin is finer, thinner and wrinkles and fine lines appear.

-32% in depth and volume of wrinkles

+33% skin tonicity

2.Light525® skin lightener:

The diodes continuously emit a precise frequency (525 nm) in a controlled manner so as to prevent and reduce brown spots and lighten the skin.

Melanocytes synthesise melanin pigments, which are responsible for skin colouring. When melanin is produced regularly and constantly, skin pigmentation is uniform.

With the combined effects of skin ageing and UV rays, melanin production can be affected. The skin loses its glow and, over time, brown spots appear up to 2cm in diameter. They are generally found on the face, hands and forearms.

Moreover, over the age of 50, the skin undergoes transformations that change the appearance of the pigment spots. The skin becomes thinner. The melanocytes, highly concentrated in dark pigments, get closer to the skin surface and are therefore more visible.

After 30 days: -30.3% pigmentation

After 60 days: -46% pigmentation

Impressive right?
Well, I've tried the item last night for the first time, on my husband's skin ^___^ since I just want to see how it's done. It is indeed so simple and easy to use, just swipe to open which light you want and turn it on. Light the area needed accordingly and voila! You're done. Now, I'm trying to do it daily. Complete review with before after pic is coming soon.    

Added information directly from Talika, since I ask them regarding the products for more details related to their research group and significant effect. Pigmentation and whitening/brightening do need total treatment from skincare products, regime, habits and tools used. Without further ado these are their response:

"Hi there again, I was wondering again about the way you used the light. I actually tried it out and made the mistake to move the light around my face instead of keeping it stable. The manual says you have to use it 2 minutes per day per area. So for instance 2 min per day on the forehead, 2 min per day on each cheek and for instance 2 min per day on the chin. Hold it 2-3cm away from the face and keep it stable. The light switches off automatically after 1 min, you have to re-activate it again or use it once in the morning and once at night. I really hope you will share more on your experience. After all, we all need to figure a way out how to get brighter and more beautiful skin :)
 Regarding your article, you are right, the more "things" you do, the better. However, you need to be careful as well not to use too many whitening products because they could be a too aggressive treatment to your skin. (Big advantage of light, since it does not touch the skin, there are no side effects/allergies like for instance when you use creams that could provoke a reaction on your skin). The things you already mentioned are all a great way to whiter skin. Nevertheless, it – again – depends on each person's skin type and DNA. Unfortunately there is no 'one fit's all' strategy.

A bit more on our 525 light, it was NASA that discovered that the light is made up of different wavelengths (e.g. Around 600-700nm is "red", 590 is orange or 525 is green) and that light has a healing function on humans. When they sent their astronauts into space and they had wounds, they wouldn't heal, so they asked themselves, what is there on earth that makes wounds heal that they don't have in space --> light (right now for instance, I read a few articles stating that NASA is researching how light can help cure some types of cancer). Talika then went into this research and discovered that different wavelengths can do different things. Eg. 590nm stimulate the cell that produces collagen to produce more. 525nm regulate melanin production, it does not stop it (would be unhealthy since the melanin protects our skin from the sun for instance, that's why we tan - it's a protection mechanisms of our skin), it only 'tells' the melanocytes (cells that produce melanin) to slow down and produce less. Because when we get older, this cell get's a bit 'crazy' and produces more melanin than we need and the dark spots appear. "

Hope it helps ya and don't hesitate to contact me or Talika for more questions ^__^


  1. This product is expensive but not effective. It did not reduce the appearance of my pigmentation instead it got worse.
    Pricey but useless

  2. Hi Anon,

    Care to share more? Like how long you've been using the light and duration?

    Thank you :)

  3. Harganya berapa? trims

  4. hi Anon,

    It's Rp. 3,2 mio :)

    And do watch out since they have promo from time to time.


  5. Hi, this is an interesting tool. May I know where can u buy it in Indonesia? Since I've only seen it before in flight catalogue and it costs around Rp. 4,5 mio

    Thanks :)

  6. Hi Anon,

    In Indonesia, especially Jakarta, you may get them at Metro Plaza Senayan.

  7. I bought it last week and has been using it. but the effect is that it made my skin worse, more dry than before and the dark spots even more obvious and now I have red spots like allergy. I am very worry now.

  8. Dear Anon,

    You have to contact TALIKA in the country where you purchase it, explain what happen, how you use it, with what kind of other product (if there is), and everything. They should be able to help you or at least find out what went wrong.