Friday, February 17, 2012

Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter - Candyland Nite

Hi pretty readers! As maybe all of you have noticed Revlon have a new item which created quite a buzz here and there.

Yes, it is ColorBurst Lip Butter. Please do click on any image you wish to see in larger view. My key notes: Mango Butter, Shea Butter, and Coconut Butter, and they all inside the Lip Butter.

Available in 20 shades for Rp.75.000 per item. In the US it sells for like 8$, so pretty much we get the same price worldwide, which is AFFORDABLE.

Ms. Emma Stone, her lips looks sensational, I really like when she uses the red one (is it Cherry Tart or Candy Apple?). 94% of the women using the products said their lips become moist, soft and smooth. Yummy isn't it? So for a product this good, Revlon Indonesia want more bangs and they created a CandyLand Nite.

Each bloggers get invitation which look like a giant lollypop which says "You're Invited!"

Held at Poste, the place was transformed into a Candy Land. Filled with cupcakes, lollies, and colorful lip butter.

The show immediately started and with everyone including MC: Ary Kirana, Iwet Ramadhan, Revlon spoke person Ms. Carrisa, Revlon MUA, with fashion and beauty talkshow too (Dewi Utari, Nina Nikicio), the event was a sure indulgence for us to watch. Ms. Ary cleverly put on some of her jokes and made every information given so pleasing and fun.

Now it's time for the highlight of the night. The Lip Butter. Unfortunately, I wasn't got a chance to see all 20 shades, fret not, at least half of them is here :)

These are some of the colors I swatches on the cute lip stain napkin. Each represent their gen, one represent pink which divided into 5 more, from the frost pink to deep bright pink. Red, from the brightest one to the boldest, purple, from the milk-ish to the purplest, gradation of peaches, and deliberation of nude, all for a total of 20 shades.

But one thing did surely caught my eyes. Their names! Macaroon, Gumdrop, etc! Aren't they adorable!


Then the audience are shown behind the scenes of the commercial, which shows how Emma really like her lip balm and that's why she enjoys Lip Butter as well.

Then the commercial, a lustrous show of slippery, buttery and smoothness of the Lip Butter.

We like it!

This is me with Ninit, yes she is from

Last but not least before we went home, Revlon has created a cause, Kiss For Life, for every purchased on certain items, a Rp.1500 donation will be made for women with chronic disease/illness. Do participate!

A review will be made soon, so stay tune ^___^ Love ya!


  1. great post Carnellyn! ^^ can't wait to see you on the next event.. :D

  2. Hi dear.. Remember me?
    I'm the one who ever sent you a pm on FB and I said I'd like to make a beauty blog. :)
    Now I make one.

    Just followed your blog

  3. Thank you Ceecile, and yessss, definitely should see you soon! ^___^

    Yes, I remember :) that's great, keep on doing things that you love and stay true to yourself okay ^___-