Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Switch to Spotless Clarity with Kiehl's

 It seems like there's always something going on with Kiehl's.

Now, it's about clarity, they hear you, you don't need a whitening products, you need those which specifically identify your problems, clarity and fighting spots.

That's why their new item is

Dark Spot Solution

and the gank ^__^ they will work hand in hand to create the clarity you need

The light bulb idea is brilliant, it represent the products, packaging and function too.

With Activated C, Peony Extract, and White Birch Extract (read HERE for clarity)

How it work?

Not convinced yet? Stop by and get some samples, they should be available soon in the counter near you.

The KCRs are always friendly and you can always ask them for honesty, which one works best on your skin

Love how they always arrange their stuffs and the idea behind it. Yep! Scientific goodness.

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