Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Revlon Nu Complexion Wet & Dry Compact

Warning! This is NOT a new item on the block, it's just I've been using it lately and here it goes.

In terms of price, checked! Proven to be so affordable.
In terms of color selection, checked! Fit most of Asian skin tone color. You know what? That's is so important, for me a color that match mine means more than a VERY high quality compact powder that don't have mine. I can't use a wrong color item :(

Next the application, checked! For being wet and dry at the same time. But I found using a sponge to be unhelpful. Well, actually nowadays I turn to brush on all my make up. From foundation, compact to anything.

The covering effect is a bit rough and unsettled, so I usually use another brand of powder foundation before using this product. It help make a medium coverage and a bit glow. But it can not stand oily areas, It will cracked and shiny. So you might need an oil blotter to suck the oil first before touching up.

Overall I say it's an OK product. In terms of money spend, function and ability, it's equal and worth a bit more ^___^

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