Monday, October 16, 2017

Breast Cancer Myths Buster

Hello lovelies,

last week I went to an event invited by Beautynesia and Starbucks to share an important messages on Breast Cancer.

As we all perhaps know, October is all about breast cancer awareness, so many brands and even Starbucks participate to help distribute the news and share some necessary information. Start from spreading the news on breast cancer, be aware of the matter.


Start from how detect breast cancer from the early signs to how to do the self check. I have feature a lot of the detailed information on my instagram stories during the day of the event.

Do googled up for how to by following #PinkVoice on their social medias such as facebook and instagram. There are a few method but all involved doing it once a month, knowing and figuring out your own breast by the shape and everything in it. From the firmness to the nipples.


Meanwhile, Starbucks helps by selling special drinks that will eventually be donated to Love Pink. Here are the details:


The first drink that I ordered is Pink Blossom Frappuccino, since I was lactose intolerant, the staff gladly offered me soy milk in return.

The drink was made in a jiffy and looks super cute.


The drink is super sweet, too sweet to my taste but refreshing. It's something that perhaps not a Starbucks signature aside from their green tea matcha but it's something that everyone can enjoy. No coffee involved.


Here are more details on the event and products:
Supporting National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Starbucks Indonesia is partnering with Lovepink Indonesia to launch #PINKVOICE, a campaign encouraging everbody to raise their voices on breast cancer awareness. Throughout October, we offer special handcrafted pink beverages and we will also donate 10% from the sales to Lovepink Indonesia for every pink beverage purchase.

As for the beverage, we highlight 4 new creations in relations to support the theme.

    Pink Macchiato
    a freshly steamed milk with vanilla and raspberry flavored syrup marked with espresso giving it beautiful layers of color. Can be enjoyed in hot or iced.
    Raspberry latte
    A tasty and pretty addition to your regular latte! The combination of espresso and raspberry flavored syrup goes well together creating a refreshing sip. Can be enjoyed in hot or iced.
    Pink Blossom Frappuccino
    Who can resist this beautiful beverage? The beverage is a blend of milk, raspberry, and vanilla flavored syrup topped with raspberry whipped cream giving a beautiful shade of pink.
    Pink Yoghurt Frappuccino
    This beverage tastes as good as it looks. A refreshing blended beverage that features yoghurt with a blend of raspberry and vanilla syrup.

Supporting activities throughout October regarding #PINKVOICE are Pink Talk, Pink Truck Hunt and #PINKDRINKCHALLENGE as Social Media activity.

At Pink Talk, participants can get breast cancer information from the expert about diagnosis, treatment, and other important topics.

To make it more fun and exciting, Starbucks Pink Truck will be circling the city and giving free sample of the pink drinks. Get ready to locate our Pink Truck and enjoy the pink drinks.

Through #PINKDRINKCHALLENGE we encourage our customers to join the good movement. We will give away 5 Starbucks Official Tumblers and 15 preloaded Starbucks Card for submissions with the most inspiring pictures and stories related to Breast Cancer.

How to Join :

    Snap the pink drink as creative as possible (selfie, product shot, etc)
    Write encouraging message and inspirational story related to the campaign
    Post it on Instagram
    Tag 5 friends using #PINKDRINKCHALLENGE and #PINKVOICE
    The persons who are tagged have to also follow all these steps

Let's join our good movement and be brave in raising our voices to talk about Breast Cancer awareness.


So there's two coffee drinks and 2 not. For me, Pink Macchiato is the one. The coffee is delicious, it has the right components and sweetness too.


All the bloggers have a chance to try some of the drinks, and I requested another one which is Pink Yogurt Frappuccino. A sweet and sour delight that perfect for summer time, since Jakarta is always summer, the drink is always right.


Last but not least, here is my favorite part of the event, the myths buster of breast cancer, these things doesn't cause breast cancer (or at least haven't been found medically related):
1. Using wired bra.
2. Deodorants.
3. Caffeine.
4. Getting mammogram.
5. Only women can have breast cancer.
6. Have to be hereditary.

And many others, like getting a breast implants, etc.  Do check out from as well as we need to be calm and not overly dramatic.

Alert but not overly dramatic ^_^


Thank you so much Starbucks and Beautynesia for inviting me and for sure Love Pink for all the brightening details plus support. They also offer friendship, gatherings, and sharing one to another. Bottomline, it's a support group for breast cancer warriors and survivors.

If you happen to suspect your condition, do visit a doctor, I do happen to know one who heldcp me with my issue, Dr. Alfiah Amiruddin (a breast specialist), she is at Mitra Kemayoran and RS Tarumanegara.

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