Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Dr.G Hydra Intensive Skin Mist

Hello lovelies,

Korea is relatively dry most of the time. There's only like 3 months of humid period and that's summer. The rest of the seasons are pretty much cool or freezing. Most Korean have dry skin, hence many of their cosmetics are emphasizing on moist looking skin as they long for those humidity. This is of course the opposite from the trend in Indonesia, especially Jakarta and most cities as we are under the tropical weather, hence humidity is all we have. So we always prefer a matte looking skin as glow is easily achieved, just stand outdoor for 2 minutes and you get all those 'radiance' from the sweat.

Still, our skin is dehydrated as the heat takes out hydration from our skin too. So in the end, the skincare trend in Korea that promoting moist, supple and fully drenched skin is something that we kinda need too.

This is Dr. G Gowoonsesang product. I bought the mist a few months ago during Spring in Korea and I could not find the details on their official (US) website.


This is the product, it's a simple facial mist container, but what I love most about it is that the mist they created is super fine and so tiny. The packaging is soft to the touch, the color is like the color of some thermal water.

Here are some details from Amazon :
About the product
  • It is hydrating mist containing Okinawa coral water which has an abundant mineral, and Bambusa vulgaris water.
  • With its containing 7 kinds of natural plant ingredients, the brilliant mist intensively soothes the skin.
  • Its containing Bergamot fruit extract leaves your skin pure and matte though the excellent sebum control effect.


The details are pretty impressive, so the product doesn't just hydrate but have an ability to keep the sebum in control, this is perhaps something that most people look for a hydration without the greasy looking skin.

I use it on daily basis after cleaning the skin and before skincare, or after makeup as it somehow made my look appear more natural and fluent. Like there's this added glow and helps smoothen the powders. I can use it all over too, even on hair and kids as the product is pretty gentle.


I bought two, I wish I bought some more as I don't think it can be compared to other products as it kinda have everything I need. From hydration, perfect super fine mist, to the result of using it. The hydrating effect that gives my skin that subtle radiant, made my skin appear happy, away from dryness and taut. When the skin feels moist, they are flexible and much stronger, imagine scratching a really dry skin, they'll feel so uncomfortable. A skin that is moist definitely more comfortable and pleasant.


I definitely recommend this product to just about anyone who loves their skin, especially if they travel a lot, stays in an aircon room most of the time and need more feel good moisture all day long. Simply spray the product on the skin or hair whenever needed, enjoy the fine particles as they keep everything the touch moist and not soaking wet.

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