Tuesday, October 24, 2017

L'Oreal Paris Infallible Total Cover Concealing and Contour Kit

Hello lovelies,

continuing with the hampers received from Sociolla and L'Oreal Paris, these three babies are among them. On this post, I'll share a review using the palette for concealing and contouring.


With 4 shades and 1 sponge, the kit is suitable for a fair to medium skin tone. The formula is creamy in texture and easy to be blended. I can use them alone for daily look and then a loose powder to sets in, it is perfect as a no makeup makeup look, or as an additional for my full coverage after a foundation.


You can use the sponge given, brush, or even a finger. I use a small corrector brush and easily spread them on my face according to a dimension or features that I want. The cheeks are preferred to be rounder, the nose is thinner and longer, the forehead is smaller, the cheek bones are more accentuated, and the chin is defined.


Since I'm blessed with double chin, I need to draw my jawline to make it more firmer and gave me a better 3D look. Of course, this is my formula at the moment, I can easily adapt the strokes and lines according to the look I want, and so do you. Everyone's face is indeed unique.


After drawing some lines with the shade I want, the lightest for highlights, the darkest for contour and the mid part for under the nose and some for concealing that one annoying acne on the cheek which as you can see are not that visible anymore. Do zoom in, it is rather hidden (clue: right cheek).

Using my favorite beauty blender (or the sponge also will do once it was been damped a bit) just dab dab dab everywhere to help blend them and even out.


Above is the base for my no makeup makeup look, simply ad some colors like lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, a tad of blush and so on. Or, make it a full one like the image below. I use the product after a foundation, so the base is set with a rather flawless skin to begin with. Total Cover Concealing and Contour Kit that was used after simply making the look more contoured and perfect.


It helps made my nose appear smaller and the nose bridge to be higher, sharper jawline, better cheekbones and a much rounded plumped cheeks.

The creams are so easy to be used and pretty much demi matte, so far the product works well with any other product (even brand) I have and not disappoint me. No crumble, no piling up, just easy breezy blendable product that adequately light.

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