Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea

Hello lovelies,

this is a new product from The Body Shop not to be missed. Since around July in Singapore, I saw them and I was like, what's that? They look so good!! And finally they are here!! It's the first scalp scrub from The Body Shop.


The intimate event is only available for a few bloggers and media, since it was held in a salon, we have to come early, like the minute the mall is opened, 10 AM. Arriving there without doing my hair is a fun thing to do since I can get ready faster, my hair is I think, the longer routine, from shampooing, conditioning, to drying and hair styling usually took me 30 minutes more than just body shower and makeup. So I happily accepted their invitation and within minutes, my hair is washed using the new product that cleans the scalp and hair thoroughly and conditioned with the new conditioner, plus getting them dried and naturally styled by the friendly Japanese stylist. My hair looks so good and the scalp felt so fresh.


To those who doesn't know, sea salt has been used to treat problems on the scalp caused by over stimulating oil glands, in short, greasy scalp. To those who see their hair is limp, no love live, and oily scalp within the same day they wash their hair, is definitely fell into the category. I am fully included, my scalp is like an oily surface that never runs down on the oils. I have to wash my hair every 24-36 hours to look like I have showers and decently clean.

You do know that oily hair makes people looks somehow more tired than they actually is?!


Produk Haircare Terbaru dari The Body Shop® untuk Merawat Rambut dan Kulit Kepala
Kini banyak orang di seluruh dunia menjadi semakin peduli terhadap bahaya polusi. Selain menjalani gaya hidup dan pola makan yang sehat, mereka juga mulai aktif mengganti produk perawatan rambut mereka dengan bahan alami dan organik. Sebagai perusahaan yang terinspirasi dari alam, kini The Body Shop® telah menciptakan rangkaian perawatan rambut cruelty-free dari bahan-bahan alami terbaik yang mengandung minyak alami, lemak padat, dan puree dari buah. Seluruh bahan baku merupakan hasil dari 8 community trade kami yang tersebar di seluruh dunia. Semua formula dari haircare ini 100% vegetarian, bahkan beberapa formula 100% vegan.
Rangkaian perawatan rambut Fuji Green TeaTM diformulasikan untuk rambut normal yang membantu menyegarkan kulit kepala. Haircare terbaru ini fokus untuk melembapkan dan merawat kesehatan rambut serta kulit kepala, yang tentunya tidak dapat diberikan oleh masker rambut biasa. Rangkaian perawatan rambut Fuji Green TeaTM terdiri dari:
Produk perawatan rambut terbaru ini dapat membantu menstimulasi aliran darah dan membersihkan rambut dari kotoran, debu, asap, keringat, dan residu produk styling. Fuji Green Tea™ Refreshingly Purifying Cleansing Hair Scrub terbuat dari Japanese green tea, mint menthol, salt crystals, dan Community Trade honey. Gunakan 2-3 kali seminggu untuk membantu membersihkan kulit kepala sekaligus membuat rambut menjadi lebih berkilau.
Cara Penggunaan:
- Aduk scrub secara merata dengan menggunakan jari tangan atau spatula bersih.
- Ambil scrub sebanyak kira-kira satu sendok makan.
- Tuang di telapak tangan, lalu beri sedikit air dan gosok perlahan hingga halus.
- Pijat dengan lembut dan rasakan sensasi dingin di kulit kepala.
Gunakan Fuji Green Tea™ Refreshingly Purifying Shampoo dengan wangi green tea yang khas, membantu membersihkan rambut dan kulit kepala.
Manjakan diri Anda dengan keharuman green tea yang menyegarkan. Aplikasikan kondisioner ini pada rambut yang telah basah untuk memberikan kelembapan rambut usai keramas.

Sebagai salah satu rangkaian perawatan rambut yang terbuat dari Community Trade banana puree yang telah matang sempurna dari Ekuador, rangkaian ini diformulasikan untuk rambut kering dan juga memberikan nutrisi yang dibutuhkan oleh rambut. Banana hadir dengan packaging baru dan semakin lengkap dengan produk terbarunya, Banana Truly Nourishing Hair Mask, yang akan segera menyusul untuk hadir di Indonesia. Produk perawatan rambut ini akan membantu membuat rambut Anda lembap secara intensif dari akar hingga pangkal.
The Body Shop® terus melakukan inovasi melalui rangkaian yang turut juga menjaga kelestarian lingkungan. Selain rangkaian perawatan terbaru Fuji Green Tea, The Body Shop® juga memiliki rangkaian perawatan rambut lainnya dalam bentuk shampoo dan conditioner yang disesuaikan dengan berbagai jenis serta kebutuhan rambut, yaitu RAINFOREST MOISTURE untuk rambut kering dan pecah-pecah, RAINFOREST SHINE untuk jenis rambut normal dan kering, RAINFOREST RADIANCE untuk rambut yang sudah terkena pewarna permanen, RAINFOREST BALANCE untuk rambut berminyak dan GINGER ANTI-DANDRUFF Shampoo untuk kulit kepala kering dan berketombe. Koleksi perawatan rambut ini tersedia di seluruh toko The Body Shop® di seluruh Indonesia dan di online shop www.thebodyshop.co.id.


After reading the press release from The Body Shop about the whole new products and prices too. It is important to know how to use it as to keep it good and optimal. As it is salt, I put them outside the bathroom where it is not too humid and airy, the product need to be kept in a dry place. The salt easily melts with water and you wont feel like getting tough love or hard scrub, it's more like a good scrub that cleanse and yes, purify. Those who suffer hair loss due to scalp blockage with sebum, silicone, to grease or buildup products could happily use the scrub and see the result. Use it around 2-3 times a week and within a month or two, the new hair usually comes and visible.

I just found out not long ago, that the main cause of hair loss or problems with hair growth is on the scalp itself, if it's too dirty, or too many silicone (so always avoid silicone on shampoos), hair stylings products, etc, the scalp could not perform in letting new hair grow. Conditioner or hair mask should never touches the scalp as they contained silicone and a lot of softening agents and moisturizing that is good for the hair, not scalp.

A good nourishment or if you happen to use a hair tonic, and the scalp is blocked, it is useless. Get them thoroughly cleaned up first and notice the differences.


I've tried the scrub and the conditioner. For me , the conditioner could be a bit heavier, perhaps since my hair is too dry, I need a mask so it can become smooth, perhaps I'll wait for the Banana :D

The series of Banana was made for dry hair.


In the end, I think product should be made according to scalp and hair, not just the hair, so the Fuji Green Tea series is perfect for oily scalp and dry hair. If you happen to have combination condition like mine, oily scalp and super dry hair, I use the shampoo for oily scalp and conditioner or mask for my dry hair.


The smell of Fuji Green Tea is amazingly refreshing and clean. Like a clean fresh menthol and a touch of green tea. The scent doesn't really last long, but the fresh feeling does. Those who happen to have very active glands or perhaps thinks a lot during the day and making their brain felt so hot, use it at the end of the day and feel the immediate effect of relaxation, cooling, soothing and best of all, fresh clean feeling like no other. Your scalp feels so good like they can breathe again while the hair will be so lightweight.


Always stir the thick creamy and luscious scrub before using as the salt crystals usually goes to the bottom. Lift them up and give a good stir, use a scoop according to the scalp size (> <) haha! Just use when you think is enough, 1-2 times trial and error and you should know the appropriate amount of your scalp...plus hair.

I often put it on my dry scalp since I put the product outside my shower room, and it is easier to scoop it out using a clean spoon from the kitchen and I usually avoid using metal spoon.

When I entered the shower, I let some water rinse the head and easily massage the scrub on the scalp, they felt so goooood. Gradually, they melted, as the origin of salt itself that melt upon touching water and the product go through the hair and deep cleanse every hair strand too. Making them squeaky clean too.

I happily use any mask I have on to the hair (avoiding the scalp at all cost) and together, they make my hair shine and airy.


As I'm looking forward to their banana shampoo, I enthusiastically recommend anyone with oily scalp to try the scrub at least once. It works wonders!!!

Thank you The Body Shop Indonesia

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