Monday, October 16, 2017

Velashape III at Oya Clinic

Hello lovelies,

 a week ago, I went to Oya Clinic and get myself one of their most famous treatment, Velashape III.


Duration: 2 hoursVelashape III is a treatment for body shaping that helps reduce cellulite, burn fat and tighten skin. The method combines radio frequency energy and infrared light to provide heat up to 42C in the body's fatty tissue. Vacuum suction and mechanical rollers serve to help the removal of toxins through the lymphatic system.
Velashape III method is progressive so that it can provide permanent results if done 3-4 times. Velashape III is the most advanced technology available in Indonesia. OYA Clinics is the only clinic to provide this treatment.


I arrived at the clinic around 11 am and ready for my treatment. The clinic is located at PIK area and it's the second brand from the one at Menteng. Everything is dressed in white and the layout is luxurious.


First, I have to change into their wardrobe, alongside with the provided disposable panty and bra. Since the treated area is belly, and there's cream involved, the bra and panties surely get bits of it.

The therapist will clean everything as well after, but still, it is best that everything is kept as clean as it is as most customer will have another activities later on.


Above is the machine, Velashape III. It looks pretty and detailed.

As I am ready, the therapist measure my belly in cm before the treatment and later after on. I felt a bit nervous as I have low tolerance about pain, but she assured me she will make sure there are minimum involved as the machine do suck and gave heat (as it helps melts the fat).


This is what it's look like, on top it kinda like an iron but inside there's some metal roller. The wand sucked the skin and the roller seems to be helps breaking the fat. There's heat but very much comfortable.


They don't put Oya's special cream, just some lotion to help the roller to rolls better (I guest), and the feeling of overall treatment is comfortable. I felt very much happy about it. On some areas like near the bones, there's a bit more pressure and slightly painful, however, on areas like belly where there's many fat :D it was really good. Like I'm getting a good workout without doing anything.

At first, I thought it was just warm, but when I get up and move to my back, the belly touches the skin on my hands and it felt hot, the surface felt hot without any pain.


Continue to the back side, so the treatment went all over the belly, waist and back of the belly, so it's mid part all over. This is the part where I think to be less comfortable than the front, since perhaps it has less fat.

I was also told that the effect would be days. The heat itself last a day and the tightening and firming is continuing. I love this kind of treatment and wish I can have some more, 3 or 4 of these treatments for permanent effects. Each treatment cost around Rp. 2.500.000 and there's a 10% discount at the moment.


I lost around 3 cm that day and felt really good. Like perhaps I just did some sit ups and mid body workout. Plus some sauna and steams for the extra heat, massages done for firming and so on, so it's pretty much hours of exercise and treatments in one. 2 hours went by so quick and I'm happy about the treatment, I recommend anyone who have problems with cellulite, fats and firming to try the treatment at least once.

Thank you so much Oya Clinic, hope to see you again soon.

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