Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Make Up For Ever Artist Liquid Matte

Hello lovelies,

noticed something different in my look below? Oh yes, I bet all eyes are on my lips as I'm using Make Up For Ever Artist Liquid Matte in 505 Blackcurrant (the darkest shade there is in the collection right now).

There are 15 shades in total and third of it is dedicated to nudes, so you'll see 5 nudes in perfect cream, slightly pinkish, to super pale peach. I was torn between the nudes of this blackcurrant and finally made my choice, as seen :D


The price of each is sold around Rp.300k, which is predictable since it was sold for 20 USD worldwide.

There's no noticeable scent, which is great, since some scent could actually put me off. The wand is wonderful and the tip of the applicator is flexible and made to be used without doubt.


The container is simple but luxurious, definitely showing class in getting a very good quality container and doesn't look plasticky nor cheap. It is something that you'll probably happily used in front of your friends during gathering or that cocktail with girlfriends. Since for sure this is not something to show off in front of your man, it's kinda useless for them being clueless.



A long wearing & transfer-proof matte liquid lip color that provides high coverage with a comfortable texture.

Matte liquid lip color :
- Long wear
- Transfer-proof
- High coverage
- Comfortable texture


They have like the richest pigment in terms of intensity and true color. I'm exuberant, ecstatic, and thrilled with the color. It's all there. The website surely doesn't show the just as it's not as deep as this. The color on the website is merely purple while the true shade is perfectly blackcurrant. 

Some people may avoid using this tone since it look so dark, but I find the charm on it as it made my skin looks so much fairer, and I love how the coverage sealed the lips, coated them without fail while the feeling of using the liquid matte is comfortable and light.

The transfer-proof formula is suitable for a whole day use as it sticks to me. Cleaning it is best using an oil based lip makeup remover as micellar water will have some trouble in removing the product without much wiping. An oil based remover will quickly breaks the particles and I can easily swipe it off using a cotton pad and it need like 1-2 swipes only.

Since it easily cleans with oils, it means eating something oily will remove them, so do be careful and always carry them for a quick touch up after meals.

Does the product have that drying effect or dry spell? Not really. This is probably sound not normal but even thou it's 'dry', it's not drying and it's still flexible, which leaves a tiny room for transfer. It did leaves some flecks of marks on my cup when I'm drinking.



a great liquid matte that hard to resist, definitely will come back and get some more shades for me...hmm, nudes maybe. Perfect in color, intensity and tone, the formula is hard to beat, as it is creamy yet light at the same time, very comfortable on the lips and the pigment last all day long... or to the next day if you don't clean up :D

Thank you so much Make Up For Ever Indonesia.

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