Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Biore Daily Color Clear and Double Scrub Bright

Hello everyone ^__^

I hope you're all fine! I've been really busy lately but I still have so many items to be reviewed, these are amongst those items.

Biore has been cleaning faces all around the world for more than a decade, now more and more variants are coming, I'm still waiting for every single variant like in Japan to make it to Indonesia, in the meantime, here's Daily Color Clear and Double Scrub Bright.


Start with Daily Color Clear, a makeup remover that are made to clean makeup, but not waterproof makeups. So it can clean makeup base like foundations, powders, concealers, and color makeup like lipsticks, blush on, eyeliner (non waterproof type).


It contain Hyaluronic Acid and Royal Jelly, one for moisture and the other for vitality.

If you're using waterproof makeup, remove them first before using Biore Daily Color Clear.


The white milky gel is a signature form of Biore Cleansing Foam, it's been like this as long as I can remember, from the original formula to other variant. It's like a liquid jelly.

The product easily lathered with a little water, to make a good foam I need a net foam but still, it can not produce that perfect foam even after a while.

The scent is similar to one of the Biore cleansing wash (for the body) variant, I think it's the one with micro powder, I don't think the product still available now since the last time I'm using it is around 10 years ago.

I really like the refreshing floral fruity scent.


The result is a clean feeling face and still plump as it doesn't make the skin feels dry.  But since it doesn't make that perfect foam, I kinda doubt how it able to clean the pores within.


The second item has been around for a while as well, it is still considered new thou'. The Double Scrub Bright with Black Micro Scrub.

The black scrub is really tiny and it feels mild on the skin, the product also lathers on the skin just nice. The scent is kinda masculine, perhaps this product is made more for the men?!


The Double Scrub Bright with tiny bouncy micro scrub clean the skin well enough, but those who wore makeup or sun protection wont be satisfy using it as it can't clean them thoroughly. The micro scrub is so tiny, bouncy and soft that made me wonder does it really work?! And regarding it's claiming ability to absorb excess oil, hmm, it works mildly.



both products clean the skin mildly as in, they don't really do a good job, but they don't stripe off the skin's natural moisture. So I guess there's a minus and plus points in it. As for me, hmm, I think I prefer using other variant from Biore.

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  1. Aku pakai yang daily color clearnya, suka~ Kalau yang double scrub barusan beli dan nanti bakalan dipakai setelah biore acne habis hihihi....