Thursday, July 10, 2014

Make Over Enchanting Nude

Hello everyone,

as promised on my previous posts, I'll make a look using Enchanting Nude, but since my sister is at home, I'm asking her to be a model since she wants to go out as well heehee.


The swatches are above and below is her after look.


Enchanting Nude is perfect as a daily look or when you want to create something bold, the soft and sultry hues are perfect for that innocent enchantment. Actually, we can create several look using the trios, on this look I made for my sister, the brown shade is used more than the other two. The white as a highlighter below the brows and the dark brown plays as a smudged eyeliner.


Prefer something that is bold? Look at the makeup below, just by adding liquid eyeliner, falsies and bold lipstick a more daring look is created.



it is a simple yet amazing products from Make Over that feels smooth and easily used without a mess. The powders are pretty pigmented and I can use it more than just eyeshadow, the white one can be used as a highlighter for the nose or other part of the face while by adding a bit of brown on the cheek bone and the sides of the nose they has officially converted into shading material. It is one of the must have colors and collection in my makeup stash. Multifunctional and beautiful result.

Btw, do you know that the darker shade from Enchanting Nude can be used near the hairline, from the forehead to the ears, by blending it gently and without overdoing it, it help create a more egg-shaped facial contour.

Thank you Make Over.

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