Saturday, July 19, 2014

Babyliss 4 in 1 Rotating Brush BEliss Brushing

Hello everyone,

recently, I've been dwelling with my hair, since I don't have the time (yet) to make them stylist by going to the salon for the latest trend, I need them stay pretty on daily basis. I've heard about Babyliss and its rotating brush for quite some time and finally,
Cuttieshop kindly provide me their Babyliss 4 in 1 Rotating Brush BEliss Brushing.


Here are the exterior of the products, the box that explains everything inside.


And there's a bag inside the box that carry all the tool and brushes, neat huh?!


A sleek design and trendy too, this is a safe place all of the products inside to stay protected during traveling or simply storing.


Below is the image from inside the bag.


Everything is tucked in firmly and there's a bubble wrap as well to help absorb the shock.


Please do watch the video of me with the product.

Of course the highlight is the rotating brush, which is only one head. The biggest of them all and the only one that rotates. Take note that they do go overheated quite fast, when it does, it made the rotating ability stops. Usually it will happen once I've finished drying and styling, so when using it with 1-2 more people, give the product an ample 'resting' time to cool down.


Here are the pictures of the result in using each of the brushes.


On the image above, I'm using it as a helper to dry the hair near the roots and when the hair is really wet. It help as a very wide tooth come. Of course this is actually used for a curly hair. Since I don't have a curly hair (at that moment) I'm using it as something else.



a very handy hair dryer with a rotating brush, the 1000w power is very powerful in drying my hair almost instantly (around 5 minutes) and styling it at the same time. I can choose the tops as I please and according to the need at the moment. The bag and all it's band inside help protects each item carefully. Best of all, the rumors where it made the hair tangled while rotating, is NOT proven.

I love how almost everything is covered, so there's no hot metal touching the hair (and our fingers).

The rotating brush does create a whole lotta volume to a limp and lifeless hair.

It does need practice in using each of the item, once I get used to it, I became a huge fan.
When your hair is really damaged like my ends, use a good hair serum before and after usage to help the hair become less dry and less brittle.

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