Monday, July 21, 2014

D'Height Salon at Central Park Mal

Hello everyoneeee,

finally, after a year holding back not to color nor perm nor do anything chemical to my hair, the resting period has finally over ^__^

With D'Height Salon at Central Park Mal, my boring out of date hair is getting a makeover. Cut, perm and colored in one go.


The first thing is washing the hair. Tips from me, if you want to get a chemical process done to your hair do not wash them at least 1-2 days before D day to help protect the hair and scalp from pain, actual pain or chemical 'pain'. Especially on the scalp if you're doing a bleaching process.


The cutting technique done by Jimmy is quite unique, I really like the result. Right after the cut the hair is permed with Korean Wave. That's Toy in the picture, he is checking and inserting foam to the rolls. I like those big rolls, so the curls created are not those tiny ones.


The curling process is very fast, it's like an hour flat from putting the rolls and the chemicals onto the hair, waiting time and blow drying using those colorful tubes.

Right after rinsing the hair is colored into red ombre. I choose ombre instead of a full scale colors as the style last longer, if I colored the hair all the way I have to keep on coloring them once the new hair growing.

And I was busy chatting with Olwen without noticing, the coloring process also done, it's very fast.


What do you think? Everything was done in 3 hours, isn't it fast?! Suitable for those busy working ladies or moms. Btw, since I'm still nursing, non of these chemical touched the roots, it is safer as there's no skin contact.


Nofia is the one curling my hair and help in the coloring process as well, I really recommend her curling technique as the result is awesome. I was worried at first, I don't want them to be like super messy or too 'aunty-like'. The cut and precise curling made this look possible.


Above is the picture of me and Olwen, she is the PR of salon D'Height at Central Park Mal.


So, if you're thinking of getting a Korean Wave, coloring, or just a cut, yet still wavering, try D'Height Salon at Central Park Mal as they are currently having a 20% off on Monday-Friday.

Follow their new social media at instagram and if you come and show them you've following their instagram plus post a before after photos after getting any service there, you'll get a FREE voucher for wash and blow.

Thank you.


  1. Hai Rie,

    Iya nih gak nyangka keriting ternyata lucu juga :)