Monday, July 14, 2014

soap & Glory Girligo Body Moisturizing Mist

Hi everybody,

it's been quite a week, I went through vertigo and for the rest of us there's a lot of drama regarding the presidential election process and what happen between Palestine and Israel. Well, let's just keep of praying and hope for the best shall we?! By not getting ourselves dwells in the black campaigns, rumors, or provocation, let's get the facts before sounding our opinions.

We all want peace, kindness and happiness. I can't say much about peace and kindness for you, but this one item may add a bit of happiness in your world.


It's a Body Moisturizing Mist by Soap & Glory that smells so good. It's a mixture of sweet fruits and lovely floral. Tempting, delicious, not overly sweet, a hint of citrus, a bit of musk, still fresh and very very juicy.


I use the product after every shower and all over the body, the skin gets that perfect lovely and smitten due to the scent and moisturizing effect from the light yet adequate supple effect on the skin. It even moist enough for the dry skin to be happy.


Unfortunately, this product still contain paraben (boooooooo), I hope they make one soon without paraben.


Below is the texture of the product when sprayed on the skin, looks really light, isn't it?!

Overall, I really like the idea of a spray body lotion, it makes daily routine feels more fun. The amazingly addictive scent smells sublime, like I'm in the middle of a fruit and floral garden in the late spring coming to summer. It made me feel good in wrapping myself in this scent... thinking of getting myself a perfume like this.



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  1. it contains mineral oil too :(