Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Introducing Elianto LUMINO White (Clarifying Cleanser, Refining Toner, IntensiveEssence, Daily Protector SPF 20, and

Hello everyone,

I'm back with Elianto, a company that carries products from around the world. The variety of cosmetics are wide, one of the range they have is Lumino White.


Product description from http://www.elianto.biz:

Clarifying Cleanser:
Leaving your skin clean and refreshed.Enriched with Sand Lily and Vitamin PP,it also helps to improve uneven skin tone so that dark spots are reduced.

Refining Toner:
Leaving your skin clean and refreshed.Enriched with Sand Lily and Vitamin PP.

Intensive Essence:
This potent serum provides an additional anti-aging boost with Sodium Hyaluronate,Biosaccharide Gum and Red Algae which together help to restore your skin's suppleness and elasticity.

Daily Protector:
In additional to brightening Sand Lily and Vitamin PP,it also contains a Wrinkle Preventing agent to keep your skin looking youthful.

Night Cream:
its moisturising and revitalising agents also rejuvenate your skin for a fresher complexion when you awake.


The dark blue packaging with silver tops looks sophisticated, contrast with the white and clear products inside.


Unfortunately one of the packaging is faulty. I wont be able to try on the Day Cream since it can not be pumped out.

In a glance, all of them have a light texture, making them comfortable to be used on the skin.


All the details on the box is suffice, from how to use to ingredients is provided well.


Their main focus on whitening is to comfort the skin so the irritation level is decreased hence the dark spots become less and less in the future, so they are not erasing the current spots, more like preventing the future one.

To understand how it works we have to understand our skin, skin that are 'stained' with dark spots are actually caused by months or even years of exposed to irritants such as UVB, allergies to other form of skin problem. They are starting as redness on the skin, gradually, it'll become dark spots on the layers of skin affected, so dark skin never occur instantly. And as the skin keep on replacing itself every 28 days those dark spots that happen inside will come out to the surface, which is the result of a visible dark spots.

It is very hard to remove them, what we can do is to wait until the skin kept on repairing itself by preventing the future spots on the deeper epidermis. So, most whitening/brightening products that are safe to be used are using this kind of method, calming the skin so there's less irritation occur and keep the future dark spots at bay.

Forcing the skin to exfoliate before their time may seems to be a good idea since the dark spots on the outer epidermis seems to be shed off, but the skin inside, the young unexposed skin, are 'forced' to be ready and face the world. It can lead to more dark spots as 'young skin' usually more fragile and become easily irritated, in the long run, more dark spots may appear.


Elianto LUMINO White gives the skin a comfortable and friendlier way of removing dark spots of the skin in the long run. These fragrant skincare is light enough to be used daily and making sure the skin doesn't get irritated by providing ingredients that are hydrating and calming at the same time. Is it worth the try? Yes. Just be patient since the result may take a while, but when they do, they'll last.

Thank you Elianto Indonesia.


  1. ini belinya dimana ya ?
    di semacam matahari gitu ada kah ?
    soalnya belum pernah liat ada yang jual :(


  2. Hi Cintami,

    Bisa langsung ditanyakan ke facebook page Elianto Indonesia mengenai update terlengkap counter mereka.

    Thank you.