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L'Oreal Professionnel Expert Serie Pro-Keratin Refill

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Finally. I get to try the Pro-Keratin Refill from L'Oreal Professionnel.

By this point I think we all know about what keratin does to our hair, as one of the main ingredient on hair strands keratin is of course, needed. As we love to torture our hair in the name of trend, those keratin are flaking away. We need to replenish them by proper diet and using the right products.
Here's how L'oreal Professionnel describe it:

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Information regarding the products:


and pricing.

(take note that L'Oreal Professionnel are sold at exclusive salons)


They do have some items to be used at salon only and some for at home usage.
To understand more about the products:


The products to be used at home are the shampoo, conditioner and masque. All packed in a lovely blue green colored bottle, tube and pot. 


The design of the packaging is the same like the other Expert Series from L'Oreal Paris. I'm so keen in trying them since I'm tired looking at my hair keep on breaking on the areas where I used to highlighted, colored and perm. Now as the hair has regrowth it looks kinda like kinda cool with yhe gradation but the breaking part makes it look weird, like the hair is not falling off from the root (which is a good thing) but from the middle part. 

Since that part is fragile, I need products like Pro-Keratin Refill to help strengthen the hair strand from within, by doing so my hair should be stronger and maintaining the length. This is also suitable for those who wants a lustrous thick long hair from root to the ends.


All of them are white inside, the shampoo is a creamy white gel, easily lathered on and cleaning the hair nicely without that striking dryness. The aroma is fresh and delightful. I do have an oily scalp and dry ends, Pro-Keratin Refill Shampoo clean the scalp and hair well without making the scalp oily while still comforting the dry ends. 


The conditioner is a white creamy lotion, making the hair strands feel soft and no more tangled. The light moisturizing effect is perfect for normal to dry hair, while the pro-keratin ingredients help build keratin in places where the hair needs, like placing a puzzle pieces together one by one, and of course since the conditioner is made for the hair, avoid the scalp so they wont clogged.


And as usual, the treatment masque from the Expert Serie is always one of the highlight of the range, since it always contain more potent ingredients and show faster result.

The thick white paste cream, I find it the thickest in terms of texture compared to all other masque in the Expert Serie collection. I only apply it at the hair ends where it needed the most. The part where the hair feels so fragile and coarse, thinnest and looks incomplete compared to the one near the roots where it is still healthy, shiny, and full.


After using the masque the hair appears fuller and those hair ends looks thicker, shinier and smoother. By keep using them the hair will gradually keep getting stronger, healthier and fuller from the root to the ends.



it's another great products from L'Oreal Professionnel Expert Serie collection to be used at home. The Pro-Keratin Refill is an answer for a fuller, thicker and stronger hair due to chemical process and other form of hair abuse that stripe off it's natural keratin.

*When using the conditioner and masque, avoid the scalp area as the hair near the scalp/root doesn't need it.
*When using masque, you may apply it liberally at the ends and cover the hair with a shower cap so the masque will stay where it supposed to be and let the ingredients sips into the hair follicle.
*Use the conditioner daily and the masque 1-2x a week or as needed. The masque can be used as a maintenance of a healthy hair as well.
*Read the instruction carefully before using each product and don't forget to consult with a hair expert at the salon before purchasing them.

Thank you L'Oreal Professionnel Indonesia.

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