Wednesday, April 25, 2012

SK-II "How Close is Close Enough?"

Hello everyone! This would be my first post regarding SK-II. The Indonesian Beauty Blogger (IBB) was invited and we were excited to see the products line up by SK-II.

The room is set for the event. Live Clear and their new products that gives customer confident in 20cm visibility, but first let's do a quick check on the skin.

These are my skin result, the texture need improvement while the brightness is very good.

Then a bit of introduction on SK-II. I still remember the first time I see SK-II commercial, 17 years ago during my trip to China. I was already amazed by how they put the products and specialized in skin care. Gorgeous, sophisticated, and just lovely.

Then each of us goes into private rooms for a facial. It was so wonderful and the atmosphere is irresistible. A luxurious facial by SK-II, which only possible for members on their birthday. 

Each of us are ready to be pampered. The skin is cleaned, massaged, masked and rejuvenated with pitera. My skin is glowing, like literally glowing. The skin become much clearer and yes, I'm confident even in 20 cm vicinity.

Then after the spa experience, arrays of SK-II products and how SK-II newest campaign "Come closer, even closer." a face so pampered, you won't need makeup to cover anything, it's just enhancing. Nude never been better.

Mr.Sugi gives me a little touch up, and voila! Great skin always means you'll look fabulous.

Stay tune for reviews on SK-II products ^__^


  1. Nice event!
    You look pretty sis~~

  2. Hi Christabella,

    Indeed! And the best part is the result, instant bright and luminous effect.