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Treatment Turns Makeover Day for Me and Two Readers at Shinjuku Premium

Hi all!

These past few days somehow I get some insomnia, I choose to blog this time. Maybe I can't hardly sleep even thou I'm really tired and the clock clearly says almost 1 AM is due to the fact that I just had a great day. I have my Treatment Makeover Day with 2 of my chosen readers.

Actually is a long overdue giveaway and now, finally the Treatment Makeover Day can be done. Read about it here: CLICK ME

Now, why do I keep scratching the word treatment? Well, the plan is that it should have been Treatment Day but Mr. Audid, the owner of Shinjuku Premium Salon generously decided to give all of us a makeover. All of us! All 6 of us. Christina (blogger) also invite 2 of her readers and all of us was surprise to get the makeover. Why? In Surabaya, Shinjuku salon (known as Shinjuku Hair Make) also owned by Mr. Audid is very famous for his signature style of low maintenance. After a makeover by him, our hair can stay gorgeous approx 3 months. No need blow drying, hot curling iron, etc. Everyday you can look like you went to a beauty salon for a very stylist hair. Read more about the Grand Opening of Shinjuku Premium Salon in Jakarta ---> HERE.

These are the interior of the salon, you can see the word Premium written all over it right ^__^ Oh yes, I did mention that Shinjuku Salon is very famous in Surabaya, right? Some of Mr. Audid customer even come to Jakarta knowing he was here at the moment.

Okay, so let's begin showing you all our makeover.

Start by consulting, each of us get our own time to consult our hair woes and preference to Mr. Audid. Then he will give each of us advices on which style suits us and what can be done to enhance our daily look.

Then each of his staff is assigned with a job according to their specialty with Mr. Audid supervision, but all hair cut was made by him personally.

Here's our makeover:
(take note that each top left picture is the before look, followed by consultation -on the right, then process and lower parts are the final look)

Ms. Nia. Her hair condition especially at the edges was really dry, and since she only have limited time during the makeover, Mr. Audid gave her a quick cut with 2 styles. One medium length hair and when she wants something different, she can simply lifted the outer hair and she got a shorter hair style. Her bangs also tidied plus, mo more dry edges now ^_^

This is her testimonial:

@niathenia: Really happy today! Thanks for the make over session @ShinjukuPremium @C13v3rgirl When I walked around, many eyes staring at my hair :p

Next is Ms. Joan

She curled her hair recently and yet disappointed with the look since the curls are to small and messy. Mr. Audid gave her a more relaxed curl that's like a defined wave that she really wants. I can see that Mr. Audid technique is really clever. He straighten the hair first then give the waves she wants with bigger curls using tools I never see before. Like a thick towel or something XD Okay I'm blurred about this one, the result is like digital wave. Cool! But, beside that I do see some other technique that I found unique in achieving the hair style that one's want.

Does Joan likes her makeover, yes she did ^__^ 2 mission accomplished! Let's move to another one.

Ms. Silvi, she did like her big wave, but she hates the messiness. By cutting some of the top layer a bit shorter, refine the waves, Mr. Audid manage to give her the waves she wants. Her look is more tidy and effortless. Oh yes, both Silvi and Joan got their bangs tidied up too. Mr. Audid sometime combine the smoothing technique on some parts of the hair and wave on other part. So the result is personal and really like those Japanese girls where their bangs are straight and the back are wavy. Neat!

Here's a bit of words from SIlvi:

@Silphee: Done with makeover.. so happy :)

Wow! Another happy client. Now, let's see Ms.Carolina,

She also just got her hair perm, but the whole hair is permed and she is complaining about her bangs that also curled up. Mr. Audid help her by straighten her bangs, tidying up and define the wave for a more sophisticated look. It was a real breeze since Mr. Audid did a one on one consultation on each of his client. So he knows exactly what they need plus his professional opinion and skill also a real help for us.

I don't think we need Carolina's testimonial, her big grin tells us all ^0^

We are so happy for you as well.

Now, it's the bloggers turns. Ms. Christina.

Her problem is lack of volume on the top part of her hair. Mr. Audid also add some smoothing for her bangs, tidying up, plus some unique techniques and voila! A volume top that can last for months, a more smoothed hair. With her, I can tell that Mr. Audid is very flexible and any condition of your hair and style, he can make the best of it. But my advice, don't let anyone ruin your hair style, please do consult with a pro since it does involve your reputation, well, at least your daily look. Visit Mr. Audid and you'll thank me.

Last, it's me! Sorry for the awful wavy before pic. My hair was oily and it's just running here and there. Mr. Audid gave me a touch up for a lighter shade, volume the top part with tiny curls hidden below, and a hair cut as well. A more refined, sophisticated look is created. Best part is still, my hair does look this good every single day without going to the salon, without using any hot heated tools, just a simple normal wash and dry, and I'm on the go!

So, if you are a very busy person, don't like anything fussy, practical, stylish, and really want to look good all the time, visit Shinjuku Premium Salon and get a makeover. For now until 2 months ahead in celebration of the Grand Opening. Shinjuku Premium Salon is having a 30% off of ALL services and get Buy One Get One promo. Follow @ShinjukuPremium for more info and ask them directly about more details, appointment and any queries.

And, get ready for a new you ^__^ Looking stylish has never been easier.

Shinjuku Premium Salon in Jakarta is located in Kuningan City Mall Level 1. 
Open from 10 AM until 10 PM daily.

Say good bye to bad hair days!

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