Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pure Smile Face Mask in Milk

As I'm writing it now I'm using the mask and the smell of yummy milk was so delicious. Like those children's candy in milk flavors, yums!

The texture of the mask is like always, gooey and so moist, feels a bit thick as well. I hope all the milk will be absorbed into my skin and I'll have a bouncy baby's butt skin.

Oh yes, btw did you noticed I give you 2 pictures of the exact same item? One taken with a bit of fancy fancy camera while one with normality and the actual color and product so when you buy them, you wont be confused.

Back to the review:
The mask does gives me more moisture than the one that actually exfoliate, (oh yes, I'm not a fan of exfoliate) so this type could be my favorite from all their series with the fruits and everything.

Never forget to clean your face before using the mask and relaxed while using it ^__^, result? A moist skin and a bit more brighter look. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for the review~~
    I always want to try Pure smile's product