Thursday, April 5, 2012

Garnier Neril Creambath

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It's been a crazy day lately >.< massive traffic jam and talk about weather, can be really hot but flooded in some areas. These condition may lead to stress. And stress related to our scalp and hair condition. Just like our body, our hair needs supplement for their health and vitality. Occasionally I like to do creambath and/or hair mask so my hair stays strong and happy.

Now I want to do a review for Garnier Neril Creambath. It seems like every time you hear the word Neril, some how it linked to their hair tonic, it seems like their creambath also have the same ingredients to the hair tonic, with added more moisture for dry hair since creambath not just work for scalp but for hair strands as well.

The white thick cream have a strong fragrant almost like their tonic but when the process is done the scent on the hair is so irresistible, kinda fresh floral and a bit fruity too. A combination that I must admit smells so good and it last the whole day too.

Creambath at home is a bit different from the salon, especially when one doesn't have a steamer. This is my steps:
1. Clean my hair properly with shampoo, after rinsing, dry the hairs with towel
2. No need to be really dry, damp to wet is the best condition.
3. Apply the cream according to the hair length, mine took about 2 galloping palm size.
4. Start with the scalp area and no need to put all those galloping at once, just do it bit by bit and massage the scalp gently.
5. Then after all the scalp is happy by using it section by section, you can move to the hair strands and generously applied, especially to the dry ends.
6. Put on a shower cap after I made a tidy loose nod and put it on the top of my head. Since the hair is sticky thanks to the cream, it will stay that way until I rinse it/
7. After around 15-20 minutes inside the shower cap, I opened it and notice the heat from my head is there to activate some ingredients.
8. Rinse everything thoroughly with normal temperature water and dry like usual.
9. My hair become so smooth, shine and glowing plus the gorgeous smell that last all day.

Perfect for pampering oneself like once a week or so ^__^

What I like about Garnier Neril Creambath:
1. Have I mention the smell?
2. The obvious effect on making my hair glows and soft
3. Not making my scalp oily
4. Made me feels good.



  1. Hi dear.. Thanks for review this product..
    I'm searching for a good conditioner now. Is this surely can not make our hair greasy? Because last time when I used the other brand, it made my hair oily :(

    1. Hi Okinice,

      you're welcome ^__^
      My scalp also kinda cranky and a lot of stuff didn't work well for the oiliness, surprisingly this creambath works. No limp or heaviness as well. I do recommend you to rinse thoroughly and no need using a warm or hot water, it seems like if you use hot/warm water the scalp with open their pores. It will lead to oiliness :)

      Happy trying.