Monday, April 16, 2012

Love Letters from Kiehl's

Hi all!

Especially Kiehl'sprouts (my calls for Kiehl's fan heehee \^0^/) there's never a joyful moments as it is, Kiehl's Indonesia has announced the official new prices start from April 1st, 2012. I received this love letters last week.

The goodies bag is filled with Kiehl's book with their new cover "Kiehl's is Growing Price are Shrinking"",  love letters, and new Price Lists.

I started by opening the rolled letter which is from Ms. Cheryl Vitali, Kiehl's Worldwide General Manager.

Dear Friend,
From our humble beginnings as an old-world pharmacy located in New York City’s lower east side, we at Kiehl’s have long been committed to a unique philosophy of business that is centered upon you, our cherished customer. 

 At Kiehl’s, our products are created utilizing the finest natural ingredients and technologies known to us to assure the level of high quality and efficacious skin, hair and body care that our customers have come to expect from us.  We do no advertising and use simple, utilitarian packaging so that we may concentrate our efforts and costs on what is truly important – the efficacy and quality of our formulations.  Through the years, we have gained our position solely on our reputation and on recommendation.  
As we have opened more Kiehl’s locations around the world, we are grateful and delighted by the enthusiastic response we have received from our customers.  Additionally, as a result of our global expansion, we have gained efficiencies in the costs of doing business.  It is therefore our great pleasure to now be able to share some of that success with you in the form of new lower prices on our fine quality products in Indonesia.

           If you are new to Kiehl’s, we welcome you to our extended family.  And to our valued patrons, we would like to thank you for your ongoing patronage and support.  We appreciate every opportunity to serve you.

With greetings and best wishes from everyone at Kiehl’s,

Cheryl Vitali
Worldwide General Manager

Yes, you've read it correctly, their price is going down alright, isn't it super cool and so unheard of ever before. I get the full list but fret not, it is official and when you stop by at any Kiehl's store nation-wide you'll be sure to find the price adjusted.

The list I got is all the skincare and hair care products, I don't see any lip balm here, so I think not all the product's prices is going down.

My favorite Cucumber Herbal-Extract Toner is down by Rp.105.000. Their old price is Rp.285.000 and I bought one few months ago and now they are Rp.180.000 whoopie!!!

Some even go down more than Rp.200.000 like the famous PSLRC, don't you just love Kiehl's even more now?

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