Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Glad Pits by Soap & Glory

Hi all,

I've been using Glad Pits for a couple of months now, on and off. Before getting to my review, let's see the details given on the packaging:

Glad Pits 24 hour
Fantastically-fragrant & with soothing aloe extract

Low-whitening formula helps prevent t-shirt streaks
with odour-armour built-in for fresher underarms

Dew or Dry?
Shake can well. Hold can 15-20cm away from body and spray Glad Pits under your arms after bathing or showering. (And in the summer may we also suggest on the soles of your feet?) Re-apply whenever you feel need it. Do not apply to irritated or damaged skin. Avoid contact with eyes. If product gets into eyes rinse well with water immediately, and perhaps consider some training to improve your aim

 Now this is my review:

When I bought them it was a true adventure, I've been hunting this item since 2 years ago. I went to Sephora in ION and the staffs said it was sold out so I went to the one in Ngee Ann City only to be told they run out as well. New stocks will come soon. So I went again after a month or so, still not available and again and again and again.

It seriously build up my curiosity about the product. The staff also mention that the product is so good every time they stock up it would be finished so fast. Like seriously?

Finally after years of searching (a bit of exaggeration but it's true thou') I get mine in January 2012. I hold it like something so dear for me. And I've tried it.

The pink packaging is so cute, love every words they put there. So after a shower I shake the bottle and spray it directly to my armpits. Cough cough cough, wow, warning! The kinda like powdery talcy-thingy is just bursting too in the air, a bit sharp to the nose. Glad Pits has seriously drop some expectation here.

The scent is mild and there's a cooling sensation to the armpits but do not inhale any of it, trust me on this, hold your breath and leave the zone affected, then breath normally.

After that, the deo effect is actually quite good and you can spray it again after like 4 hours in sweat, like going to the gym sweat, but if you are working behind table, sitting comfortably in an air conditioner room, you can be happy since it would stay like 8-12 hours or so. I do take a shower after 8 hours, so I never tested the product more than 8 hours, but so far so good.

Btw, It does depends on your stink level too haha! Some do sweats a lot and maybe eat a lot of ingredients that 'helps' boosting up stink level, while other is blessed with naturally fragrant sweat (envy!!!!) .

Will I keep using the product? Yes, but only in a well ventilated area as in open all the windows and doors or spray them and immediately leave that room.

More details on the product, don't be shy click on

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