Saturday, March 24, 2012

Grand Re-Launching of Talika Indonesia

Hi beauties,

How are you today, it is indeed a long weekend and I love the traffic when Jakarta is less crowded (doesn't we all are haha!) Well, in these wonderful timing, TALIKA have their grand opening held in Metro Plaza Senayan 19-25 of March 2012.

Bloggers are invited on the 24th, yes, Friday ^__^ and today the 25th is for media and everyone. R u guys coming btw? If yes, share here okay ^^

This is me taking picture during the event

This is the famous LIPOCILS, with more lengthening power. You can read more about TALIKA LIPOCILS expert on my previous posts ---> HERE

During the grand opening, Ms.Sina Deubner, Asia Pacific Marketing Manager of TALIKA, graced the event and help us understand the product better.

One by one, she explain to us all the products carried by TALIKA. The first counter is in Metro  Plaza Senayan and now the second one is in Metro Pondok Indah Mal. But during the event, they didn't held it at the counter

it's in front of Metro so everyone can see what's going on. The settings is pretty and looks comfy.

Beside all the product information, she also shares personal testimonial, of how she's been using TALIKA LIPOCILS expert for the past 6 months and indeed her lashes are long. You might say since she was a Caucasian, but the term apply to anyone.


TALIKA do have items only for the eyes zone, like this mask where the liquid smells so good. I will do the review ASAP ^^

And my favorite light therapy by TALIKA. Read it more ---> HERE
It's my personal reviews using the Light Duo and Light 660

Some products for the hand are also available, an all in one manicure set, an instant manicure powder (Read --> HERE) , etc. It is indeed a fun time at TALIKA.

A heated lash curler? Got them as well. The tools is designed with extra attention, not too hot so your lashes wont burned, soft silicone, and a change colored too so you'll know when it is ready for your lashes.

After around an hour of explaining and discussing products, I took a picture with her, she is so friendly and fun to be with.

Now, TALIKA have a promotion going on for any purchase of the Light therapy (Duo or 660), yes, you'll get all that shown in the picture above.

Still need more info? Come to their counter, or if you're really busy, join their facebook page and twitter. Ask the team about the products.

Last but not least, hurry, join their contest, it's as easy as 1,2,3

1. Follow @METROdept and @TalikaID on Twitter
2. Take a pic in front of Metro and TALIKA backdrop at Metro Senayan 19-25 March 2012.
3. Twipic the picture mentioning @METROdept and @TalikaID and end it with #TalikaLaunch

That's all! And you have a chance to win 500k worth of vouchers from METRO (announcement of the winner is on 28 March 2012)

Join ya!

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