Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Biotherm Re-Launched

Exciting news just arrived officially yesterday at The Edge, Kemang.

Biotherm has Relaunched them self in a more widely liquidy possible.

Beyond thermal SPA water, beyond the ocean, they go far to reach more waters of the world.

A presentation soon begin when I'm arrived. Ms.Silvia, GM LPD L'Oreal Indonesia giving us a warm welcome speech

Followed by Ms. Jennifer, Brand Manager of Biotherm, opening our eyes on the new Biotherm, where beauty comes from the deep. Biotherm: Pioneering Advanced Aquatic Biodiversity Skincare. I'm intrigue seeing the videos of Biotherm where history was made, photos of Biotechnology center in Tours and pre-view of Biotherm new concept for their counter.

Ms. Nadine as a guess speaker, she is a WWF ambassador for Marine Ecology Conservation, shares us about marine life, the beauty, the glory, and how we take part in either ruin or saving our ocean.

And Ms. Elisa, Scientific Director of Biotherm, who flew from France to help us understand better the technology, research and science of the Blue Biotechnology.

I can help but feel the awe in Biotherm, 60 years has passed and as they keep on exploring for a better, more innovating, and effective skincare possible.

Let's us celebrate Biotherm whose been with us since 1952 and for more years to come.

Cheers! Everyone.

Then we have a one on one moment with Ms. Elisa. I ask her a lot of question and here are the conclusion:

What does it do?

The plankton, microorganism, species, all of them are an inspiration and source of the new range of Biotherm re-launched. Take one each and reproduce by them-self in the environment suitable for each key ingredients. Extracting and create in a way that helps our skin to behave the same way.

P. Antartica, for hydration above the rest, combine with Mannose Pure Thermal Plankton.

T.Thermophilus, detoxification for a clearer complexion.

L.Digitata, Anti-bacterial for a pure-fect skin.

L.Ochroleuca, for a firmness of our skin that withstand the force of the sea.

Marine Source Water & Negative Ions, from the beach of Brittany's Pink Granite, it revitalizes the skin and calming properties.

Why now?

Biotherm never stop in terms of researching and now after years and years of systematic investigation, Biotherm explore beyond thermal water and continuing their work to glacier, lake, rivers and ocean. And now after series of testing, extracting, concluding, they finally able to put them in the bottles for us to use.

Safety? Allergy?

To this day, Biotherm always put safety first. Effectiveness and safety walks hand in hand.


A product works best when everything works together, not just the key ingredients but all of it, including packaging. Biotherm ensure that the bottle, pot or any packaging they have not just beautiful aesthetically, they are also functionally suitable to protects what's inside. Like some that UV sensitive will not be in a clear container. 

Favorite Ingredients?

T.Thermophilus in White D-Tox. A species that the more stress it was in, the more it shows their ability. Especially against UV.

Favorite Product?

Aquasource Nuit.

For this I can see why, from the gel texture, easily absorbed and how it made the skin stays hydrated during asleep and more.


In taking care of ones skin, cleansing plays a good part. She wash her face with cold water in the morning and tepid warm water at night. Never goes to bed with makeup and drink plenty of water.

Thank you Ms. Elisa for an eye opening interview, her energy and passion, inspires me to know more about Biotherm.

Me and Ms. Nadine. She is so tall and thin. Her skin shows how much time she spends under the sun.

Firm Corrector and EAU Oceane

The texture of the firm corrector is just lovely. I can't wait to try one.

EAU Oceane, gives me a calm oceanic feeling and it's amazing how the scent transform from where I'm at to a secluded island where it is so blue and relaxing.

White D-Tox, Pure-Fect Skin, Aquasource Nuit.

All of them have a thing in a common, feels light on texture but rich in substance.

Me and my sis, enjoying our cake after the interview.

Me and the pretty Ms.Jennifer.

Last but not least, let me share with you some of Biotherm history.

Au Revoir!

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