Monday, March 12, 2012

Nivea Premium Milk and Happy Time

Hi all! How are you today? It's really hot at my home, the air conditioner is fully on, but the humidity outside is so high @0@ help me!! It's really uncomfortable to do pretty much anything. And nothing worst than a sticky skin in these times, well any time perhaps. But our skin still need to be pampered and moisture replenished.

I've know Nivea like more than 20 years ago, like 23-24 years ago when my neighbors cousins visited them. They are from Netherlands and the smell of Nivea they've used, yup, the original one, was so interesting and it stick in my mind even until today. I like the original one but can't help to be seduced by their newer addition. I've used some before yet not making any review, until now. These are from Japan and some not available in Indonesia.

First is the Premium Milk, details found in

Premium skin actual feeling

    Soft skin moist with dry skin high humidity retention milk
The feel that is light though it is high humidity retention. Time when I let heavy milk with moisture adjust to skin, and finger-tip がするっと became light is a signature of the humidity retention.

    Premium moisture ingredient (humidity retention ingredient) combination
A keratin is quick deeply, and plentiful moisture penetrates. (high penetration quick Moi strike prescription)

    The premium moisture distribution of the ingredients that I extracted from a plant
A humidity retention ingredient: Avocado oil, Rose water, chamomile (chamomile) extract, cornflower extract
To moist soft skin continuing all day

    Fragrance of Rose who is elegant at the good quality that the heart feels at ease

Here's my review:

Smell wise it was wonderful. The rose is like Bulgarian Rose which is subtle, fragrant and so sexy. I can't help but thinking I feel prettier when using it. The white slightly creamy lotion is typical and no different than Happy Time, but the divine scent of rose is just amazing. Like a tiny bubbles popped when you rub them on your skin and the friction cause more scents to come out. I love the scent, the soft moisturized feeling and it did penetrates fast yet stay on for hours. Perfect to be used on any season except winter, I think I need more richness on that particular time.

Now, it's happy time!

Details from

We love this gorgeous silky textured lotion enriched with Bamboo milk because it provides fast absorbing moisturisation and a feel-good sensation for your skin.
What does it do?

    Moisturises and strengthens your skin’s natural
    Leaves the skin with a refreshing orange flower scent
    24 hour moisturisation

The Result:
For best results apply daily, for silky soft and gorgeously scented skin.
Skin compatibility dermatologically proven.

How it works

As world leading skincare experts, we bring you an innovative formula with HYDRA IQ technology to promote a 24 hour moisturisation. This new formula supports the skin's own natural moisturisation.

My review:

The lotion feels rich and light at the same time. I can't help but notice the ow-so-juicy and refreshing the scent is. It was perfect for perk me up in the morning or anytime I need a boost. Hmm, is the smell actually better than the one sold in Indonesia? I did try and bought one from Singapore as well, both me and hubby realize that the one from Japan smells better, longer and more bursting in citrus. The moisture and smell is perfect for any summer or year long use in Indonesia. Touch up also feels delightful thanks to the smell.

 Last but not least in my currently Nivea collection is Happy Time Sweet Time that I can only find in Japan, any other country want to say something? Please do comment, okay?!

No details can be found from any web, so I just go ahead with the review.

The texture, color and feeling is about the same with Happy Time (Orange flower scent) but the different is in the scent. It was peachy berry which smells more peachy than berry. It did feels so sweet and perky at the same time. Seriously, Nivea has made moisturizing a lot happier ^___^ Juicy-licious to the max! Bite bite bite.

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