Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Marvelous Choco Drink of ChocoMarvel

It's that time of the month and lately due to the stress level, exhaustion and imbalance in my daily diet, lifestyle, etc (yes, still etc) I feel that my monthly period become more uncomfortable. Mild cramps to medium pain, to discomfort in other different parts of my body and even migraine.

And somehow I remember I have a pack of Choco Marvel at home which I haven't try due to the skepticism of mine. Yet, what is ChocoMarvel?

Details from ChocoMarvel Facebook page.

Details from the back side of the packaging.

Yes, ChocoMarvel is a drink to be drank during women's period where with natural ingredients it meant to help blood circulation, relieves fatigue, etc. Hmm, seems too good to be true, I give it a go and tested the product.

Inside is a chocolate colored powder.

The smell is not like a hot choco, they are more fragrant.

Using 80 degree Celsius water, I stir everything up

 And drink it when all stirred well. For the taste-wise, it is sooooo good. Warm and comforting, the taste of the cocoa and ginger is just relaxed me and soothed me in a way that I can really get that! I understand the lady in the packaging, where she sit with her eyes closed with a cup of ChocoMarvel in front of her. The taste is not too sweet, my daughter even said it was a bit bitter, but not for me, it's like dark chocolate. And the best part, it is dairy free. For a lactose intolerant like me, it was superb!

After drinking them, call it a coincidence, the cramps I've been having is gone. Would I recommend this delicious drinks? Definitely!

Hmm, the soothing feeling start giving me some sleepiness, for an insomniac (I'm raising hand) it's another bonus point.

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