Thursday, March 8, 2012

My TALIKA Light Duo and 660 Experience

Hi all pretty readers!

It's been almost a month for me with light therapy by TALIKA. Light 660 and Light Duo. Please do read more on Light 660 ---> HERE, and Light DUO ---> HERE

I've tried making it daily habit, but it was soooo hard to be that discipline and persistent. I guess this is the issue in using Light Therapy, beside that it's all good.

1. They are effective
2. SO easy to use
3. Don't need any liquid or cream or anything, they don't even touch the surface of our skin
4. Handy tool that's convenient to be carried everywhere
5. The more you use the more benefit you reap and if you use it daily for like a year it's like Rp.5000 per day and if you take good care of the product it can last for years and it gets cheaper by the day ^__^ savvy!

Now, let me share you my experience with each light, start with Light Duo

The collagen booster.

I found this light to be the most lovable. The yellowish light is calming and I found it relaxing somehow. I can use it for my entire face and body (cool isn't it?!) and my neck too. Cream and gels sometimes have limitation, but this light can go beyond.

It's not a secret that all body parts need a collagen booster, I use it on my stretchmarks as well :)

Now the skin lightener.

Okay, this is the toughest one in seeing result. The thing is pigmentation is involved and it took years to develop and sorry to say, it ain't goin' anywhere soon either since deeper layer involved. For sure I think I need more than a month to see a result that's visible.

Imagine this, using the product for like 10 minute for the whole face per day while the sun exposed is hours in the same day, so you like fighting the sun, sounds impossible? Not really. Protecting the skin with sun protection lotion, avoid the sun at it's peak and 2x a day with skin lightener, you may have the result you want. A lighter skin tone all over.

 Last but definitely not least. Light 660 the complete acne solution is the one that shows visible result the fastest. Zits, acne, pimple, and all of that can be dried up in the matter of days (for me) and weeks for my husband. Of course it's a continuum, which means life goes on and you need to use it regularly.

My verdict: This is the one that I think would be the favorite. Mind the bold lights but fret not, TALIKA provide you with eye protector as a shield. The three function of antibacterial, anti inflammation and reducing sebum is just spot on! I use it on my backs as well and it can helps reaching those difficult places.

One more thing, I use it on my scalp as well, only on the part where the oiliness is overwhelming, it feels warm and a bit weird, so let me remind you to use it wisely and only on the skin for the minutes counts and half for the scalp since the pores are bigger.

Overall these light therapies from TALIKA is a high quality products that will benefit you ^__^

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