Monday, March 19, 2012

My Seven Days a Week with Crocs

Yes, you heard me well, Crocs newest campaign Seven days a week, read ---> HERE
has officially started. And I'm joining them ^__^

Crocs has sponsored me a pair of any Crocs I want. So I choose this one:

Leigh Wedge Woman, and the color that I choose is black.

Why black? Crocs are known for their variation of colors and ability to spark things up with their juicy colors, and I agree, but unfortunately the color of my choice doesn't carry the size that I'm in. My advice? If you happen to find a Crocs that you like on your size, don't hesitate, get 'em before they're sold out ^__^


Detail from Crocs Facebook Page:

The Leigh Wedge is the perfect comfortable heeled Crocs™ shoe for those long summer days.

If you are looking for style and comfort, the Crocs™ Leigh Wedge is the clear choice.

Retail Price : Rp 700.000,-

Take note that in Crocs be sure to consult with the staff, I know I did. She helped me decide my size, I was in between 5 and 6, I did have both sizes of Crocs at home, one for my wedge which is 6 and my flat is in 5. But Dea reassured me to get the 5 for Leigh Wedge since Crocs will readjusted eventually, yes, she did emphasize eventually.

So I get my number 5. The truth is, it is not difficult to choose a Crocs I can use 7 days a week, the hard part is to pick one ^__^ The choices are indeed wider by the days, you can see their website

I'm choosing Leigh Wedge since, numero uno: I like heights :) the taller the better. 2. I want the one that pop up in terms of color but black also define them self as universal. 3. Crocs wedges are famous for their comfort as well. Let's prove it!


Other choices of Leigh Wedges, Berry (top) and Oat (bottom).


Stay tune for my 7 days a week with Crocs!

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