Tuesday, March 20, 2012

AQUALABEL Lotion and Emulsion

Dear all,

I've been using AQUALABEL (again) since I got them from Tokyo. The rose scent is still there, so beautiful and comforting. The lotion is unlike toner, the way you're using it is the same, after cleansing and before moisturizing (or serum), but the lotion soften the skin, makes it able to receive the serum, emulsion and moisturizer better.

You see, the western and eastern have different principal in terms of taking care of the facial skin. While the western is more on toner, makes the pores smaller, the east believes in softening the skin, makes them moist and dewy to absorb the moist better afterwards. But in the end, you just choose which one suit you best. Yep, trial and error again.

For me, I see my skin condition and surroundings, and during 'dry' days these are my moist revival. The lotion prep my skin, making it moist and soft, ready for moisturizing. Then after serum the emulsion hydrated the skin and penetrated deeper before moisturizer. So take note to use emulsion before moisturizer.

Both products suitable for dry skin or any skin that need hydration and you'll love the rose extract ^__^

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