Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Balm Mr. Write (Now) in Onyx

Hello lovelies!!

This is Mr. Write (Now) in Onyx, a twist-able crayon pencil eyeliner that comes in a black color. The full collection itself are available in 8 shades, but in Indonesia, a few are not available.


We have a Mr. Write (Now) for every day of the week... and then some! Meet this new collection of attractive eyeliners that are truly easy on the eyes. These pencils deliver the long-lasting color you've been looking for, and have built-in sharpeners so they are always ready when you are. With high payoff, eight wearable shades, and a satin smooth texture, we understand why your eyes wander- but rest assured, your eyeliner won't!



The comics and witty descriptions on the packaging is fun to read. The product itself is simple and like said on the website, satin smooth texture.


Like having different guy for each day, you can change your eyeliner color with Mr. Write (Now) as easy as that.


I'm using Onyx as an inner liner at the outer corner side and leave the inner corner white for a bigger eye look. The finish is smooth but I really doubt their staying power since their setting time took a while ... yet still smudge.


And I was right. The product doesn't last long in a hot and humid weather while staying outdoor for the whole day. I need to clean the smudges every now and then. I don't think the product suits me well as I need an eyeliner with strong waterproof power against all the odds.



a good eyeliner that gives intense color and easy maneuver with strong persistent color. The only problem I found is the staying power and not being smudge-proof.

Thank you The Balm Indonesia.

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  1. box-nya unik banget ada tampilan comic. hihihi