Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Kracie Naive Facial Cleansing Foam Aloe Vera

Hello lovelies,

this is Naive foaming cleansing wash from Kracie. This time I have a chance to review for Kawaii Beauty Japan.

Naive have several variant of foaming cleansing wash, from peach, rose and this one is Aloe Vera.


The packaging is in light green, a typical shade for products that contain aloe vera, I guess they are 'inspired' by the ingredients. But what's surprise me is that, this one actually made a difference.

I've tried many variety from Kracie foaming facial wash and most of them are similar one to another, until I try the Aloe Vera variant.


Before we get to the experience let's learn more about the product.

On the tube it is said that Kracie Naive Cleansing Foam Aloe Vera made from 100% soap nut that is organic. With lots of foam, the product able to clean and remove dead skin cells gently. With Aloe Vera extract, Olive oil, and Althaea to soothe and calm the skin with natural moisture.

The ingredients also listed on the tube, please do click on any image for larger view.


Alongside with the product comes along the foam net. This kind of net is common in Japan. You can see them in many form and sizes throughout beauty shops in Japan. This net are made specially for foaming up the facial wash. It is needed as the specific foam can be created and help clean the skin more thoroughly and much gentler than without these nets.


The net given actually quite large, and I love it, the net make better foams and easier as well to be used than the smaller one, and yes, I do have several nets at home and this one is the largest.


As usual, I put around 3-4 cm of the product on to the net. With hands only, there's no way the foam could be this good, it would take longer and still not fluffy enough. Using the net, within 2-3 minutes the foam will achieve that perfect density and so soft too. The bubbles are much tinier to reach the pores and in better quality as well. This is the result of the product and the net. So, with the net alone, if the product is not good, the result wont be close to perfection.


How to know whether the foam is perfect, first of all, the density, they look pretty much like a perfectly whipped egg whites, they don't fall down when you put the container upside down. So when you put a bunch on your palm, they'll stay as fluffy and as soft as they can be but stays on the hand even when you flip them around. The color should be unified as well and as you can see, they are very bouncy. This is the foam you should be using when cleaning the skin. It's the foam that works through the tiny pores (because their sizes also tiny) and never irritate the skin since the product already been well developed.


The result of using Kracie Naive Facial Cleansing Foam Aloe Vera is a very clean and super soft skin. I really love the softness, it is really different than the peach and rose variant that I've tried. My skin becomes hydrated and so comfortable. This is my favorite variant so far.


Thank you Kawaii Beauty Japan and Kracie for the lovely product.

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  1. hwaa..busanya melimpah. Jadi kepengen nyobain produk ini, tapi tunggu habis dulu facial foam-ku baru deh nyobain ini. Makasi atas review-nya cc ^_^