Friday, July 24, 2015

Shiseido Professional Luminogenic

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These are products from Shiseido Professional called Luminogenic. A series that are created for colored hair. Luminogenic comes in Shampoo, Treatment (like conditioner) and Mask for home use. Available at Johnny Andrean Premium Salons.


Reducing Hair Coarseness Technology

LUMINOFORCE focuses on the decline of lipids inside the hair which makes hair coarse. Shiseido’s original “Reducing Hair Coarseness Technology” boosts the suppleness and shine to enhance the beauty of color-treated hair.


Lipid Repair Agent (Olive-derived Squalane as a softening ingredient)
An ingredient derived from olives which closely resembles the properties of naturally occurring lipids found in hair. Has superior penetration and high affinity.
S-Hyaluronic Acid (Sodium Acetyl Hyaluronate as a moisturizing ingredient)
An ingredient with superior moisture retention that keeps the hair well-hydrated.
Evening Primrose Oil and Arginine
LUMINOFORCE imparts gloss by repairing the hair inside and out.
Evening Primrose Oil: Imparts gloss by protecting the hair surface.
Arginine: Repairs melanin holes found inside the hair to control the scattering of light and enhance the luster from within.

A refreshing, soothing fragrance inspired by an orchard breeze, featuring a floral fruity note. It is a fresh and juicy fruit fragrance imbued with the gorgeous and natural aroma of the noble rose.


The white pearly creme colored shampoo and conditioner treatment smells so good and delicate at the same time.

The shampoo does lathers well on the hair and cleans without making them dry. The hair looks moist and glistening too, especially after the thick treatment cream is used on the hair (avoid the scalp, please).

Usually, I leave the treatment on the hair around 5-10 minutes to help 'seal' the deal.

And here's the result of using Shampoo and Treatment from Luminogenic series. The hair does shines without looking dry.


Outdoor and indoor, the hair stays light, airy, shiny and looks moist without any weight. The shampoo and treatment cares and protect the hairs without any greasy nor oily residue that sometime happens using another products. The treatment itself is easy to rinse off yet leaving the 'important' ingredients penetrates into the hair strands nicely.


Thank you Johnny Andrean Premium Salon, and you for reading this post. Don't forget to get your treatment and products there!

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