Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Saem KokKok Cushion Spring Tint

Hello everybody!!

after 2 weeks hiatus, I'm finally back on my blog ^__^ seems like this year's holiday is something I needed.

Trying new things and exploring new possibilities is always fun, like trying Kok Kok Cushion Tint. The first lip color product with semi matte finish and cushion intact.


Soft lip tint that's directed the trendy merging pat lips lips! Saemmul Kok Kok Cushion TintMine is PK01 (the product itself comes in 8 shades, from red, pink, and oranges)


One side provide color and the other is the cushion. The cushion itself is used to create that lovely gradation for the lips. Korean loves their lips in bold color at the middle part only and the outer lips are almost none.

But I prefer my lips full with this tone, perhaps since it is delicate enough. Bold colors such as red can look a bit ravishing and strong, gradation would be perfect for daily use. Still, the choice is yours.


The product has now available at all stores of The Saem in Indonesia.


The Spring Tint in PK 01 is matte on my lips. The texture is like a pastel crayon, so soft and smooth when used on the lips. The staying power is good but doesn't stay a chance when eating and drinking. They still smudge as well. When re-apply, make sure that the lips are thoroughly cleaned, since layering the lips on an uneven lips will create that bumpy look on the lips.

The product also wonderfully pigmented that shows it color in low lights as well.


The coverage is good, able to cover dark lips, uneven lips tone and I don't  have to use a lip liner prior usage, do keep the tip 'sharp' for a more precised application.

Below is the swatch, the raw and after being cushioned. It created that tinted look. Soft and perfect for those looking for a gradation or natural looking lip color.

The cushion itself feels good on the lips, like a sponge made for lips.



a pretty product consist of lip color in semi matte to matte with dual end. One for the tint and the other is the cushion. Easily layered on clean lips for a build-able intensity and when using the cushion it add another dimension of colors from tinted, faded to lightly colored.

Thank you so much The Saem Indonesia for the lovely product.

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