Friday, July 3, 2015

L'Oreal Paris Spa Mask

Hello everyone!!

Yesterday I went to an event with L'Oreal Paris for their newest addition for the hair. It's a Spa Mask.


The event was held at Rumah Imam Bonjol, Menteng area. With medias and bloggers invited L'Oreal Paris Indonesia are ready to share the good news, and yes, these products are only available in Indonesia.


I arrived here on time and the event started with a break fasting dinner altogether.


Soon, dr. Nora (hair expert), Sonny Sutandar (representative from L'Oreal Paris hair expert) and Yosephine Widowati (Product Manager L'Oreal Paris Hair Category) come to the stage and begin the hair lesson starts from the hair cycle, what the hair needs, and even lifestyle and diet to make hair grow better.

The main attention for the product is the hair strands where dryness, breakage and aging take part. Spa Mask are made to deal with the problems within 1 minute.


Why one minute? L'Oreal Paris Indonesia understood how tight our schedules are and without wasting your time, your hair can be pampered asap.

Pampering the hair with this Spa Mask is not the same with conditioner. While the mask contain nourishment that penetrate into the hair, conditioner only works on the outside of the hair, so the silky smooth feeling and the detangling are from the conditioner but never fixed the hair, while the mask fixes the hair.

Creambath also different, since creambath involves vigorous massage to the scalp. The mask are to be used on the mid part of the hair to the ends, avoiding the scalp at all cost.


The Spa Mask when used altogether can have more benefits and a far more thorough result. From the shampoo, conditioner, mask, and finally the extraordinary oil.

I suggest you to try this method,

use the oil all over the hair and scalp on dry hair before shampooing. Work it through by applying as much as you want and pay attention on the ends of the hairs. Comb the hair gently using wide tooth brush for an even distribution. Leave them alone around 30 minutes to an hour. When used on the hair alone you may leave them overnight.

Clean the hair with shampoo after leaving them. Make sure everything is clean, from the scalp all the way to the hair. Rinse well. Towel dry the hair and then apply the mask from the mid length to the ends, you may use the wide tooth comb again and leave them for one minute only.

Rinse the mask until clean and then apply conditioner only at the ends to seal the moisture and nourishment. Rinse again and towel dry. Apply a pump of Extraordinary oil at the ends dry the hair as usual. Add a bit more of Extraordinary oil when you're about to use a hot tools like tongs or straightening iron.

You'll notice the hair become so soft, smooth and fragrant too. They'll shine and happy thanks to the pampering session.


Below are the details of the mask, one is Smooth Intense and the other is Total Repair.


I find both of them are similar, one with argan oil, perfect for normal to dry hair condition and the Total Repair that has ceramide for a stronger hair. The scent is different, Total Repair is fruitier and Smooth Intense is more to the musk and powdery.


Thank you so much L'Oreal Paris Indonesia for the creamy and silky spa mask for the hair. The product are sold in sachets packaging for individual usage.

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