Monday, July 6, 2015

Johnny Andrean Premium Salon

Hello everyone,

Johnny Andrean has just opened their premium salon at Grand Indonesia. The salon will now start commencing JA Treatment Premium using products from Shiseido Professional.


In the event, Mrs. Tina Andrean shares about her tips in maintaining a healthy and luscious long black hair, she also share their experience from the beginning of Johnny Andrean salon at Mangga Besar area. How they start their business and all the way until now.


Johnny Andrean salon has been well known for being affordable and suitable for everyone in Indonesia. This is a salon that anyone can enjoy and being loved by many.

After Mrs. Andrean shares her view, a doctor from shares more about hair, its cycles, how to make them healthy, diets that promote healthy hair growth and so on.

Soon after that, a representative from Shiseido Professional came along and presenting their products to the audience.


There are 5 types of treatment,
1. Anti hairloss with Shiseido Adenovital series, a treatment that cost Rp.195.000
2. Anti dandruff with Fuente Forte treatment start from Rp.125.000 that helps detoxing the scalp for a fresher and cleaner feeling.
3. Dry and damage with Aqua Intensive treatment for Rp.155.000 with a mask on the ends of the hair.
4. Smooth with Sleek Liner around Rp. 155.000 for a better and manageable hair.
5. Color with Luminogenic treatment at Rp. 155.000 that nourishes broken cuticle.


These are the variants mentioned above, and you can purchase their products as well, consist of shampoo, conditioner and hair treatments too for a home care remedies.


Below are the models after their hair treatments session with JA Premium.


What do you think? Which of the treatments suitable for your hair?

Do visit JA Premium for a treatment your hair and scalp longed for.


Thank you Johnny Andrean Salon for having me at the event.

See you soon!!


  1. Duh pengen coba treatmentnya. Jujur aja belom pernah coba treatment di salon karena lebih murah treatment di rumah haha :D

  2. hahahaha.. saya mau nyoba treatment nya juga cc