Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Saem Magic Gloss Tint

Hi all!!!

Here's another post review for The Saem, Magic Gloss Tint. A product which I think has become a must have item. Why?

It's a clear gloss tint that turns into a lovely pinkish color and when the gloss is wiped off, the stain remains.


When first applied, it was clear for a mere second, and the color will transform into bright pink, when kept added on the 'pinkness' will get bolder and bolder.

The liquid itself is like most gloss, watery and a bit sticky. Feels slippery smooth on the lips. The wand is a cute rubbery rectangle that is clear too. The finish of using the Magic Gloss Tint alone is suitable for daily natural look.

You can also add Magic Gloss Tint on top of other product, like lip stain, lipstick or liquid lipstick for a gloss and a hint of fresh pink shade.


The gloss last as long as a couple of hours or as soon as it's wiped. The tint however, last longer, from couple of hours to almost half a day when applied a lot.



a good to go lip gloss that provide tint, color and gloss at the same time. The 'pinkness level' is made according to your own lips / temperature. It is a wonderful addition to my everyday makeup collection as a must have item in the purse for a quick touch up that perks up the whole look. No one could resist a fresh pink gloss on their lips.

Thank you The Saem Indonesia.

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