Friday, July 24, 2015

The Saem Gold Snail Bar

Hello lovelies!!

This is Gold Snail Bar from The Saem.

Like the name itself, the product contain gold and slime from snail, also olive oil, promote hydration and cleansing as well on the skin.

The product comes in a golden wrapping and it's in a bar.

When opened, the bar smells so good and I can see the glittery gold all over the surface. I hope the golds are all over the bar in and out.


Received the advanced management seemed soft, smooth skin that condensation Care Facial Soap Premium Gold snail bar 100g


The details is provided at the wrapper and make sure to read them first before tossing them off, just in case there's an ingredients you can't stand.


The bar is super easy to be lathered and I'm still using the foam net for that fluffier foam. It cleans the skin nicely and gently. The skin become firm right after cleansing and it does has that slightly squeaky clean feeling, so those who have dry skin may not be able to use it as often as normal-oily skin condition.

Beside the facial skin, I'm also using it to clean my neck and body too as the formula is far more gentle than regular body soap and the body skin feels good using it.

It is a perfect cleanser for those with sensitive skin as well, so far my husband with acne prone and oily skin also using the product and have no complain at all. In fact, almost everyone in the family has been using that soap and we like the clean feeling and firmness it gives to the skin.


Thank you so much The Saem Indonesia.

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