Friday, July 9, 2010

Original Source

Natural ingredients is something that you can definitely bet on inside all these wonderful products from Original Source. Thanks to Expat Living I am able to try more of Original Source products. I got Lavender, Lime, Lemon and Mint Shower Gels, Mint shampoo and conditioner too. All in one beautiful package. I've tried their Lime first and really loving it. I really can't get enough of that juicy feeling and all the senses in me are open. It's a great way to rejuvenate and for a while I'm thinking I must be in one of those Caribbean island having my getaway from those things that stress me out. The gels are so thick and slippery, many foams come up and each time I the bubble burst the fresh lime just pop up in my mind and filled the air with their juiciness. It's really a wonderful experience for taking a shower.

Next is their Lemon shower gel, I though it will be somehow the same as their Lime but surprisingly this citrus offer different experience to me. A more refreshed mind and that crisp smell that reminds me to be more active and feels so clean. It's still in a wonderful way but in different dimension from the Lime. For me the Lemon shower gel is perfect to perk up any lazy day. The scent reminds me or squeaky clean.

The best thing about Original Source for me so far is really taking my time during shower time. these fresh juicy scent is perfect for shower anytime anywhere.

Different from their citrus friend but Lavender deliver a soothing sensation that calms every nerve and senses. A perfect way to end a day when you just want to get some peace of mind. Different gels too, Lavender shower gel is more liquid and the scents is building up gently and gradually while the citrus range scent just burst up the moment they are release from the bottle. And I found the Lavender scent linger longer on the skin after shower leaving me an inducing feeling to rest and unwind.

Last but not the least is their Mint and Tea tree shampoo and conditioner. A real concentration of mint are here alright. And they are getting intense by the minute, the longer I they are on my head the colder it get. Oh and the shower gel too (Mint), it's just chilling. No hot days with these range, it will be subzero after 5 minutes spend with them. My pores are open wide and the days seems so cool again even thou you're in a tropical island.

The shampoo clean the hair easily and the scalp too, the cool mint also wonderfully penetrate and creating a wonderful sensation that match the conditioner that are light but adequately moisturize my hairs. I can't say I fall in love with the Mint range but they give me a nice cooling sensation that help me throughout those hot days.

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