Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku Hotel

Going to Tokyo for a first time and really don't know where to stay and on a budget? I suggest this wonderful place at Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku Hotel. I stayed there for 3 nights and really enjoy the whole experience. I don't even know where to start. First of all the location couldn't be better. From Narita I took a Narita Express to JR Shinjuku Station, get out from South Terrance Exit. Well actually there's another entrance/exit (Toei Oedo Line) using the elevator that really just next to the hotel, but for first timer it will be hard for me to explain. Since in Shinjuku Station all major line crossing here and just really close to each other.

Going around from here also so easy and I almost doesn't have any reason to stay away from here since it's like the center or everything I want in Tokyo (except Disneyland and Puroland). The bus station is near and I can almost anywhere from there. There's Takashimaya, a huge shopping mall that got every store that famous around the world and originally Japanese, there's Keio that at the basement floor sell all those wonderful Japanese snacks and sushi and bento's oh I just can't stop!

Just walk towards the right side there's am/pm (a convenience store that really convenient), it sell all yummy food and snack that was so cheap and taste so good. I love this sandwiches filled with chicken yakitori and mayo, I can't get enough, I bought it everyday. They also sell fruits, parfaits, coffee, drinks, mangas, magazines, daily needs, to hot warm food. Also in the same area they have Yoshinoya, and other Japanese restaurant (ramen, bars, and many more). Lumine I and II also just around the corner, right the opposite of Takashimaya. The opposite direction is Isetan and other Japanese malls. I just love this location so much since they got every mall I wanted to be, and the food is so easy to access. I don't complement my booking with a breakfast or any meals but that's really not a problem at all. We came here during rainy season (tsuyu) and everywhere we can find shelter easily.

This is the building. It's not that difficult to find it since surrounding there's no other building in this color. The lobby is superb, I thought it was a 5 star hotel. All the staff speak English fluently and can help you with almost anything. I ask them to write in kanji when I want to purchase a bus ticket to Disneyland in advance, gladly I did since the guy at the bus station can not speak English at all. But no worries most young adult in Tokyo are able to speak English very well and not so shy in showing it, and I'm thankful for them.

At the lobby the checking in was really a breeze and fast, coming in the middle of the night is not a problem at all, I never see them off guard or lack of staff. They also inform us to get all the amenities (shower cap, sponge, shaver, cotton buds, and yes, many more) at the lobby, near to the lift. When we got to the room, it was just like I imagine, spotlessly clean and no smoke or traces of them anywhere. We did request for the non smoking room, but some hotels still have that awful smell. The room is lovely, all white and they provide all we need. From sleeping robe, perfect bed, slippers, TV with ALL HD shows (seriously Japan makes any TV look really bad) I never see a cooking show look so pretty and REAL. Even though the size is compact (small is not appropriate since everything is measure correctly) we feel comfortable. The toilet is equipped with a high technology potty (heehee), got all the button to make the seat warm, got a button for women (?), to do the big one, small one.

Also in the bathroom they have bathtub (yup, mini but complete), shower, curtains, foaming soap for hand and face, towels, shampoo, shower gel and conditioner. I need to mention this the toiletries inside is not those cheap products that bad for everyone that use them BUT they got POLA. The product was so good, the shampoo is gentle but clean effectively without striping the moisture from my hair, so does the shower gel to my skin, the conditioner is light but protect each strand where it needed. The hair dryer also functioning really well and so does everything in the room. They cleaned the room daily around 10 pm and make sure each room got a pair (or more) sleeping robe fresh cleaned daily.

Lesson learn from my stay in Tokyo/Japan is that no need to bring so many toiletries, extra clothes for sleep, or any other daily needs, they provide everything from toothbrush to even a sponge. A disposable sponge that come in each vacuumed pack packaging. I'm really in love with all the details they put in this hotel. I will definitely come here again

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