Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Let's go to Hong Kong....if you can stand the people

The best thing about taking a Cathay Pacific flight to Tokyo is they transit in Hong Kong and on the way back we can stay there a little while. The comparison is unbearable. They are rude, easily annoyed and so impolite. Hey, I don't need to be treated like a queen, just a basic human being interaction dude. Start from the taxi driver has been smoking inside his vehicle, people in the airport (I'm talking staff here) are careless and ignored passengers that asking for directions, bad hygiene in toilet and almost anywhere in the city, seriously, if it haven't been for the cheap stuff (busted) I'm not here.

The perfumes are a lot cheaper, not that fake one, the one that sold in reputable store, like can be 45% cheaper than in Singapore. Luggage that sold in Giant (Singapore) can be 50% cheaper ther
e, but not the food. The food there is expensive. Instant noodle with spam cost like 6S$. That's 2x the price from Singapore. But the good thing is, people in Hong Kong make Singaporean seems a lot nicer, at least most of the staff at the mall gave me direction to the toilet with decency and sometime a smile, with them, you got a big inhale, avoiding eye contact and really want to shoo-you-out attitude.

Here are some of the view in Hong Kong during our visit. The first one is taken at Avenue of Stars, 2nd one is from Victoria Peak and last when we are taking Star Ferry to the Central.

Hong Kong itself for me personally is a beautiful place to visit, their land is nothing like I used to stay in, many hills side, tall buildings and really a busy town 24/7. It's just the people that need to be a bit (nope! A LOT) nicer, the only nice people we met is those people in our hotel, the staff there is pretty much helpful and I have no complain against them in the front line staff. And surprisingly those in the cheap market (like at the Ladies Market) some of them are nicer that the sales person at malls. I thought air conditioner supposed to make people more comfortable, maybe Hong Kong people hate cool air and get irritated easily by that...hey, it's just thought?!

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