Wednesday, June 30, 2010

(Never) Lost in Translation

In June 2010, me and my family were in Japan. Buckled with experience from our previous trip to Seoul in 2007 we make sure, we've done our homework this time. But, against all odds ;p many can speak English well, and we found no meaningful hardship there.

This is the map to Sanrio Puroland, a place where it's not as famous as Disneyland and only locals were found visiting the place during our visit. It was a real treat for anyone who love Hello Kitty or anything that got to do with her, including her friends and stuff.

There's not many rides inside, mainly shows, visit
or can ask for an English based schedule, but since the show is presented in Japanese language, we're just goo goo ga ga about how pretty the dress is or how cute KeroKeroKeroppi jump.

information and details about the place can be found on their website. Don't forget to print out a discount coupon if you want to go there.

Here are some things that you
must see and check in this place:
1.Their restaurant on the 2nd floor, every meals purchased is included with the container you can bring home, we go the Hello Kitty container with separator for rice and dish.
2. Kitty Lab, check the opening time, and enjoy a fun adventure.
3. Their shows. I
t is fun to watch and see how high spirited Japanese people are.

Sanrio Puroland closed at 5 pm, and whether we like it or not, it is time for us to go. It is pouring rain outside and near the exit they sell balloons, very cute and I
really regret not buying one.

We ate ramen near the train station, and an
y other place where we ate in Tokyo (and surrounding) water are free and they provide cups too. Japanese people are very polite, it feel like 180 degree so different from local people here in Singapore.

The next day we visited Mt.Fuji, and thank God the weather is clear and we can see the whole thing in clear view.Then Hakone which just about 1-2 hour bus ride.Apparently this tour is really worth paying since it's almost impossible for us to went there all on our own since we have no access.

The thing I love about our trip is there's never a dull moment and everywhere I go the amenities is right around the corner, either food, a convenient store, or things to see. So many vending machine, it's like wherever you go, there it is.

On the way back to Tokyo we took Shinkansen, which, well, it's not as 'cool' as I thought, the feeling inside is really just like taking other train....without any bump and sound, since they didn't touch the ground (so it does cool a bit).

Our next destination is Disneyland, we visit Tokyo DisneySea on Sunday, there are crowds but not so much, I meant not so overwhelming. The queue on each ride still under an hour. For us it is quite okay, since there are many things to see around here...and eat. They have popcorn in containers that collectibles and so cute. Hard to resist since they have so many designs and inside each container got different flavor popcorn.

Then Tokyo Disneyland on the following day. It's Monday but the crowd is so much worst than the yesterday, one ride the queue can be as long as 180 minutes. But we are smarter and get more fastpass. Many shows to see, many things to eat and more ride that we enter this time, we really enjoy our time here in Disneyland.

Our trip in Tokyo-Japan was a blast and would really love to come back here again. For more info about Tokyo Disneyland and Sea you can visit their website or even book tickets there (which I think unnecessary) but there are 2 places in Disneyland that need pre -book online, so be sure to do that.

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