Sunday, July 11, 2010

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong (Harbour)

A night stay in Grand Hyatt can rejuvenate, relive, and even rejoice anyone whose not in the mood for anything. Being able to stay in Grand Hyatt Hong Kong at 1 Harbour Road is as lovely as it can get.

A beautiful room, clean, spotless, classy and elegant. The sweet smell of Lavender is in the air, I see the burning oil right near the table. The feeling of comfort and 'you are welcomed here' is really in the air. I love it. Big white fluffy bed, many pillows, perfect light (not dark and not too bright), big flat TV, it's really wonderful to be able to stay here forever. The check in was a breeze and everything went well so fast.

We did ask for a view room (to the Harbour), too bad they run out of it. So here we are on our first night in Hong Kong looking at the playground beneath us.

This is what was shown on our booking reservation:

Room(s) Booked:
Room Description:
Garden and Pool view. 38 sqM. Oversize Desk Separate Shower. Egyptian Cotton Linen. Duvet

Wow! Even the linen was 'prescribed', is just superb! Most hotel we went to we're just happy that the sheets are change daily.

Next to playground is a big pool, looking grand and luscious, too bad none of us bring our swimsuit nor have the mood to splash in. Adventure in the city is what we're looking for. The neighborhood area is so hot and mostly office. Nearby there's a Mark & Spencer's food store, sell mainly organic food I see many Caucasians do their groceries or take out dinner here.

For me nothing will ever beat their bathroom. Look at those golden handle, shower head and on the knobs too. And this is the first time I feel in love with June Jacobs since all of the toiletries here is hers. The shampoo, soap bars, conditioner, bath gels, all in the grapefruit range that smell so good with the compliment of the body lotion too. I love how the scent linger so long and refresh my mind too. I find out after a visit to Hyatt in Singapore that it seems like every Hyatt have a thing with June Jacobs :) and I'm glad they did.

Grand Hyatt definitely on the class of their own, even the bathroom are equipped with the loofah, not those cheap disposable loofah with the real one that you can still use a month after staying here if you took them home. And room service come twice here. So they make sure after each bath/shower time you still get a fresh new towel each time.

This picture below also the view from our room if we look to the right side. And no worries in this hotel wherever you are (at the sauna, bar, cafe, restaurant or spa) the view is always the Harbour. Too bad I don't have the time ti explore everything in this hotel. Perhaps, someday I will.

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