Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ballet Under The Stars

Thanks to L'Officiel Magazine I can enjoy this beautiful show.

Copy paste from the Facebook wall:

The much-anticipated Ballet Under the Stars is back for the 16th year in a row and we’re giving you an opportunity to win tickets to this spellbinding ballet event of the year! Prepare to be awed by the premier of Evening at the Ritz – a mesmerising piece set in the 1920s and inspired by legendary movie stars Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. (Yippie)

For a chance to win one of 25 pairs of tickets worth S$50, tell us who would you like to bring along to watch Ballet Under The Stars and why.

My answer is: preffered date 16 July, I will bring my daughter who's being inspired by ballet lately and it's been my lifelong dream to become one but since time did not persist perhaps my dream can be real by her. at least i've given her a chance to see how beautiful ballet can be.

Date: 16th or 18th July (Please indicate preferred date)

Venue: Fort Canning Green

Time: 7.30pm (Pre-performances at 6.30pm onwards)

Closing Date: 14th July (0000 hrs)

And yes, I won a pair, so we happily went but since kids below 6 are free I can bring my sister along. We took a lot of pics there but the camera broke down and refuse to give us any of the wonderful pictures.

They also gave each of us samples from Himalaya (skincare products), fan, and booklets about the Ballet and organization behind it.

Beside the wonderful performance I think they also gather some donation for the organization, there are some stands open for glitter tattoo, face painting, selling some drinks and other stuff.

Now back to the performance, I must say it was the best ballet (live) I watched, I think back around 15 years ago I watch a Swan Princess but it was horrible, no male performance beside that uncle, and here blessed by guys who are willing to embrace their art and the love for ballet itself can step forward and let the audience enjoy the beauty of ballet.

I know that to be able to dance like them it took a lot of practice, self discipline and talent too. The result is magnificent, I didn't watch the show until the end since my child refuse to just sit and do not bother others surround us, so we left early before the show ended. We left around 9PM.

For those who are going here next year here are some tips from me:
1. Bring your picnic basket and blanket (big one perhaps, so you can sit with your leg stretching out, a 2 hours performance can be leg numbing).
2. No worries about toilet, the organizer is kind enough to provide some cubicle for it, don't forget some sanitizer wipes.
3. For those who are loved by bugs bring along bug repellent, it is outdoor and night time too.
4. Bring plastic bag with you and put your litter there.
5. Bring some night light or those sticks that can glow in the dark.
6. Raincoat, umbrella, or any form of rain proof tools for you.
7. Ladies, wear flats!
8. Please refrain yourself from wearing anything mini, from mini skirt, mini pants, remember the soil is where the ants live.
9. Come early to get that best 'place'.
10. Just enjoy the show and let nature takes it course.

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