Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Why do I love Rene Furterer

I've been using Rene Furterer since I was in University. So pretty much it's almost 10 years now. Back then I still
live in Jakarta, I don't have any particular problem with my hair, but I slightly dislike the oiliness on my scalp due to tropical weather. After using Rene F for just a few weeks my hair getting more and more voluminous. My hair look thicker and more strands. I can feel the rapid growth and it is shown on their analyzer (a TV connected to a machine that can show the surface on the scalp).

Now in Singapore I am happy to find that they still have all the range I use daily. You can check them out through their website about their philosophy, products and anything related to Rene Furterer.My hair condition is pretty much dry due to hair coloring, constant hair dryer (like every time I wash my hair), oily scalp and sometime frizzy. So my main problem is dry edges. That's why the first thing they recommend me is Karite range, just for the conditioner. They keep telling me to use it just a little bit since the product work really well....and it is true. But not as a small amount as they say, I add from a teaspoon to a tablespoon for my shoulder length hair.

After shampooing I use Karite conditioner and during application I didn't feel immediate effect, but when I blow my hair dry, my hair frizzines are gone. The result are a more calm and relaxed hair.

Now this is my favorite product. A scalp mask, made from the clay that absorb the oiliness of my scalp. I use them after shampooing with Curbicia shampoo. I use it once a week and it works like wonder to me. I used to use dead sea mineral clay but the effect sometime can be too drying for my scalp and the hair that tangled with it, but with Curbicia Clay Mask the scalp are clean but the hair are still soft and smooth. I just love them so much.

Beside using Curbicia shampoo I also like using Myrrhea shampoo since it help soothe my hair. So I used Curbicia shampoo like 1-2 a week with Curbicia Clay Mask, and the rest of the days within that week with Myrrhea and Karite Conditioner.

I also use Complexe 5 about 1-2 times a week. This is a pre-shampoo treatment. Usually I just put them on directly to my scalp at the area needed and seems more oily and prone to thinning. Massage them for about 5 minutes. I really like the refreshing soothing natural scent of it. It is fresh but not too citrus-sy. A bottle for me can last about 3 months, it is better to buy the bottle than ampules. Complexe 5 help the scalp to absorb the nutrients (hair tonic) better.

A little advice from me is since Rene Furterer is a premium product, well the cost is above average, take your time and enjoy yourself while using it. Like when you massage the Complexe 5, just do it gently and massage it well so the scalp got enough stimulation it need. During shampooing I also recommend you to just gently massage them and smell that gorgeous kind-a-spa feeling of the products.

Last but definitely not least is RF80. It is used like a hair tonic (on the scalp surface). It contains plants extracts and essentials oils needed for hair re-growth and slowing down the hair loss process. This product once applied on the scalp is soothing and doesn't leave a sting feeling like Complexe 5 if you leave them too long on the scalp. The scent is not as strong as Complexe 5 but more calm and subtle.

Besides all of these product I review above I still use their other shampoo (except for dandruff hair) and their leave-in products. Overall, Rene Furterer did bring the quality and assurance that I need to pamper my hair and scalp.


  1. Thanks for the information...I m a boy with a problem of hair probelm specially in the front portion of head and my hair are thin also. Do you recommend this product for me. And if yes, where in jakarta can i get this product..

  2. Hi Anon,

    There are different pattern of baldness, some are caused by hereditary, stress, hormonal, sickness, etc. You need to find out what causes your hair loss. I do recommend you to visit trichologist where he/she will examine your condition and then based on the analysis what kind of product do you need.

    Example, hormonal imbalance, perhaps you need to take some medicine.
    Over oily scalp (like mine), I can use Rene's for their range to balance the oiliess.
    Lack of oxygen in the scalp, some of the Rene's have a range to promote blood circulation so the oxygen can be distributed better, etc.

    Last but not least, the last time I saw Rene is on Plaza Senayan SOGO or perhaps it's Metro, and actually they are in almost every mall in "that" particular dept store.

  3. Hi Clevergirl, I am Indon who is staying in singapore. I have actually searched online a couple of time on this brand Rene Furterer, and I even checked out the product myself in Guardian. The only thing that stops me from buying this product for my bf (whose hairs are thinning and approaching baldness T.T) is the SLS contain in their product. I read from many website resources that SLS (a type of chemical that can volumize yr hair but cause hair fall) needs to be avoided. Thank you so much four writing this review. I just need to have final push before purchasing this product since you know the price is quite high for their treatment set..Thanks

  4. Hi Jen Tju,

    Hmm, in the world of beauty and well health also, okay, everything in this world there's always a pro and cons in everything.

    Alcohol also one of the ingredients, that have a lot of cons than pro, but used in a certain level/amount can be beneficial for us (human). I think it is also the same thing with SLS, however what makes it different (and just like other ingredients) is how a person can tolerate.

    Each human being is different and sorry to say, I don't know how much your bf can tolerate. All I can say that their products works for me and the result for me is obviously well.

    But if you're in doubt, maybe you can ask the staffs for some tester/samples, or buy them in travel sizes and see how it goes. You have the right to be doubtful, I agree that the price is not cheap.

    if let's says your not satisfy and have this bad feeling, than don't force it, your insting may be right. There are a lot of hair fall products out there according to the cause and solutions they offer, like phyto for example.

    You need to know the the 'why' first. why is he having hair loss problem, stress, poor diet, hormonal, genetics, or over reacted sebum, or any other factors. then try to figure it out by the problems.

    Stress? try a more relaxed way of life, better sleep, better nutrition, exercise, etc
    Too oily scalp? use shampoo for the scalp and help detoxify the scalp.
    Poor diet? eat healthier food and use tonic that contains nutrition needed, etc

    I hope my answer helps you and there's always medical point of view if you want to check it out.