Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Despicable Me

It is the best movie so far for me. Entertaining, fun to watch and best of all I got them free and watched it in 3D. Not that unreal 3D but that experience that really bring all the goodness in 3D.

The Cathay theater that I'm in is very big and grand, I really like the ambiance. The toilet should provide more cubicle, it's hardly enough for not even 1% of the whole community there.

Back to the movie, I really like how Gru change from a despicable man to a very loving dad. I guess Agnes made him change, since she the one that like him in the first place. I also like how the girls hearts change, I guess they've been through a lot before in the orphanage because of the mean lady that took care of them. Too bad they didn't let us know what happen to her next. Gru's mom also suddenly have a change of heart in an instant.

Maybe the moral of the story is how parents treat their kids will affect how will they grow and in this movie is so significantly obvious. So parents, wise up okie :)

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